Teacher present – nail polish painting bright futures


My son wanted to give a little teacher present to his teacher for Christmas. So we had a look around and came up with the idea of a nail polish with a personalised label. The label reads ‘Teachers like you paint bright futures’ Tyler designed this label all by himself Read More →

Portable North Pole – PNP


TODAYS THE DAY!! For what you may ask…….?? Every year Father Christmas e-mails his video message to the children, every year we watch their little faces light up and the anticipation of waiting to see if they are on the good or naughty list. I think it is mixed emotions Read More →

Girls Christmas Star Hairstyle


With Christmas just around the corner the kids have started their Christmas plays, L is a star and S is a traveller. I wanted to do a Christmas star hairstyle with L’s hair, I didn’t have to worry about S as she has a tea towel on her head! First Read More →

Love story frame – Anniversary gift


It was mine and my husbands 7th Anniversary on 8th December and I wanted to make a little something to make it. Earlier this year I made the ‘because I love you’ message frame which is currently up and being used, I made this for valentine’s day but you could Read More →

Christmas Day Table Inspiration


With Christmas day not far away now I have started to think about the table decorations! Just one of the many things to remember when it comes to having a family Christmas at home. This year I wanted to make a real effort with the table, normally I just throw Read More →

Main bedroom renovation – nearly there!


After a couple of weekends of hard work from me and hubby we have nearly finished our main bedroom renovation. Just a remind what it looked like……. In my previous main bedroom post I had put together all my ideas and things I wanted, so off I went shopping! My Read More →

Silent Sunday 30/11


Berkley the Hearing Dogs puppy  

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals


I have put together a list of companies that I have come across who are having some deals on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I will add to it if I come across any other good ones. Amazon – Black Friday Deals John Lewis – Black Friday Deals, see Read More →

Handmade lace earring holder


I wanted to make something for hubby’s Mum for her birthday, she really appreciates the effort that goes into making something for her. She has lots of earrings but no special place for them. So a handmade earring holder is a great gift for her. I picked up a frame Read More →

Finished hallway


The hallway and stairs is such a busy part of the home, the constant footfall of the comings and goings of a busy household takes its toll. So we decided in the hallway we would run the same laminate flooring through the hallway to the front door. We purchased some Read More →