Grab a bargain – Christmas shopping for top kids toys


I know, I know I shouldn’t really talk about Christmas in September but if your anything like me you love a bargain! I want to give my kids what they would love for Christmas but it is so expensive so I need to be able to save as much as Read More →

Dreaming of a luxury shower with Mira Showers


After renovating our bathroom on a budget I have started to dream about what I would have done if money was no object and I could have free run on it! Don’t get me wrong I love my new bathroom and I am very proud of it and how savvy Read More →

Time to be a Hearing Dog Rusty

Aug_download 089

Well the time has come, we have a date for Rusty to go into training to become a fully qualified Hearing Dog for the Deaf. He will now spend approx 18 weeks learning all his sound work. Doorbell Fire alarm Alerting someone Telephone Cooker timer and many more things which Read More →

Superfresco Easy paste the wall wallpaper


When I was offered the chance to try out the Superfresco Easy range of paste the wall wallpaper I jumped at the chance as I had the perfect room to try it out on! That said, it WAS one of the hardest rooms to wallpaper, the hall stairs and landing! Read More →

Kids what to wear today hook


With 3 kids to get ready in the morning we have had to try to be as organised as possible in the mornings. The kids have to get themselves dressed in the morning as soon as they wake up, which is usually before me! So I came up with the Read More →

The importance of recall training for dogs

Sept_2014 221

I have now had Rusty the future Hearing Dog for over a year now so we have gone through lots of training together. It is something that really interests me and I love doing. It is so lovely to find a field in the middle of the country park where Read More →

National Teddy Bear Day 2014 – Free Printable Toy name labels


It’s National Teddy Bear Day! How many of us had a special teddy bear when you were younger? Question is, how many of us still have one!? I have passed on my teddy to my twin girls which is lovely for them to have. Their school wanted them to bring Read More →

Family wedding photo wall


I love my photos, I love the memories that you think of when you look at them or the stories they tell. Our wedding photos were so important to us, the day goes so quickly and is all a blur. The wedding photo that we choose as our large framed Read More →

Main bedroom bed inspiration


The next room on our list to renovate is our bedroom. In each house we have lived in our main bedroom is always the last room to be done. Once again, it is the last one to be done! Our main bedroom needs a complete overhaul, we need new carpet, Read More →

Twin girls bedroom renovation


After pulling all my ideas together for my twin girls bedroom renovation I was ready to get it done for them. The girls were really excited about having their room completed, although all they really wanted was their new desk and bunk beds! I was feeling feel brave for their Read More →