End of an era……the twins started primary school

Well it’s an end of an era for me. The twins started school today and I had already cried the night before! I am glad I did though as I got it out my system. They were super excited about going and had been counting down the days since they finished pre-school at the end of of July!

It was mixed emotions, part of me was really looking forward to them going and learning new things and watching them develop as little girls but the other part of me is really sad as they are still too tiny! Although their not and I am sure T was just as small as them but as they are my last I think I see them younger than they are really are! With T I was excited to move onto the next step with him and to get him to try new things and grow. With the girls I have been quite happy to just chill and not push them into things and the next step all the time.

So anyway enough of me! They skipped off to school today and couldn’t wait to go in! As you can see from the photos they were very happy and it made me very very proud to see them so confidently go off to school. I couldn’t wait to pick them up though!!

offtoschool1 offtoschool2 offtoschool3


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