Great subject to talk about today, but I know it will be useful for lots of people!

We have been making a start on our garden redesign and gathering ideas, clearing old plants and starting to get an idea on what we need to do.

However my first step was to stop the dogs peeing on the lawn, I don’t like them doing it where the children want to play on and also it kills the grass. So as we were getting a new puppy Gus (which I am sure you’ve seen on Instagram!) I thought it would be best to start off from the start, that way he knows nothing else.

We have a side area in front of our garage, that was only covered in rubbish and overgrown plants. So this would be a perfect place to have a dog toileting area, easy to get to from the back door but tucked around the corner.


Hubby cleared it out, and revealed what space was there. This was large enough for the dog to toilet, and pace around to find the perfect spot…like they do!

It was laid on concrete and there was no chance we were going to be able to get the concrete up, it was solid and went down very far. However this gave hubby a good flat surface to lay the blocks on. You will need some footings on yours if you are laying your blocks onto soil.


I only wanted it one layer high, so pretty easy to build. Hubby has never built a wall before, so he went with the easy option of buying ready-made mortar, so he only had to add water.

Place some mortar on the floor to sit the blocks on, some on the edges to join them up, and check each one is level with a spirit level.


Build your wall to as large as you want it, a smaller dog wouldn’t need as much space. Hubby also popped some copper piping in between a couple of the blocks for some drainage.  Also added some large rocks to help with drainage too.

Once you have the wall built, you need to fill it with soil. We just used soil from another part of the garden that wasn’t being used anymore. Or purchase some top soil.

We have used artificial grass on our dog toileting patch, the reason why, is so that the wee doesn’t kill off the grass and become a mud patch, however if you would prefer real grass then just add some turf on top of the soil.

So we added some weed membrane over the soil to help stop the weeds coming through, and then laid our artificial grass on top, pinned down with some outdoor stakes.


It doesn’t look very pretty at the moment, and I am sure it won’t ever look pretty but in time we will render the blocks, then try to disguise it a little.

It has worked great, the new puppy runs outside and wees on his dog toileting area, then comes running to me for a treat. He knows when I send him onto the patch and say ‘hurry up’ he knows just what I want him to do!


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  1. Ah how clever! I have huge issues with where’s my cat goes to the toilet in our garden so will have to take some tips from this 🙂 x

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