I just wanted to give you a quick update guys, and just so people know why I maybe  a little quieter on my blog. 

On Friday 13th 2017…….(typical!) I called up the doctors with concerns, I’ve been suffering badly with a bad back since July. I have told many different professionals the pain I have been.. Without much success. I was told a few very important things that I needed to look out for with this bad back, and I was a little concerned about a couple of things. 

So after a couple of phone calls, ones that were still telling me not to worry, I spoke to the neurology centre at the hospital, who told me to come to A&E. 10 minutes later I got a call from the doctors at the hospital, telling me that they would be ready for me and will give me a scan. 

So off we went, by 2pm I had a MRI scan, and boy you could’t miss what was wrong with me! I had a massive disc prolapse, and it had slipped downwards in the spinal cord too. About 85% off my spinal cord was being compressed, and they arranged me to have surgery as soon as possible. 

So 5pm I was knocked out, and the surgery was done. I am feeling a lot better in terms of my pain I was having before, but this is now a different type of pain! My headspace isn’t very good either, it was all a bit of a shock, and I am not very good at not being able to do stuff myself. However I will get there, just a bit slower!! 

So there’s an update! Please bear with me, 



    • Thank you very much, it was a bit scary but hopefully each day will be a better one than the day before xx

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