Being in the blogging world of home interiors you come across many trends, and colour schemes. One that stuck out to me is the Flamingo home trend! If you were looking for something that is pretty pink, and bold then you need to get with the Flamingo trend!! 

After our trip to Copenhagen Zoo in August, and when we saw the Flamingos I was waiting for my twins to ask for a Flamingo themed room! A few months ago I would have struggled to find anything thing that was Flamingo related. Well not anymore! 

Within a couple of searches on the internet I found 100’s of Flamingo items that are perfect for the home. After searching around I must admit it would be a pretty fun theme to pull of and create. So I thought I would put together some items I found that I thought were lovely, and would brighten up anyones day with them in your home! 

I also had a great time looking around on Pinterest for Flamingo interiors, wow there is so much choice. This bright colourful style can be twisted to suit your style. If you’re looking for bright interiors, calming tropical interiors or fun interiors then this can be made just how you like it. 

Take a look at my Pinterest board for more ideas, and styles. 


If you’re someone who love Flamingos, I hope I have found something you love and it will look great in your home. 



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