Has everyone remembered its Fathers Day soon? (Sunday 18th June!) If you are stuck on what to buy them, then I have a great competition for you, and you could win a perfect present for him.  

I have teamed up with Mainline Menswear to give you the chance to win. Full of well know brands, good quality items,  and great clothing options for the man in your life.  Kev was lucky enough to receive a couple of Lyle and Scott polo shirts to try, he was very impressed with them, and fantastic quality. I think if you are purchasing an item that you are going to wear often, then it really is worth investing in a few good quality pieces. 

We are giving away a North Face Berkeley Backpack worth £45. I picked this item out as I know how much my husband uses a backpack when we go out on our family adventures. I think men can easily be forgotten when it comes to bags, I know I have so many handbags, rucksack, dog walking bags and nice bags to take out. However Kev was forgotten about, and he would end up helping carrying the bags, but it would be a ‘girly’ bag. 

So don’t forget the man in your life, and get them a nice bag to help carry stuff (no excuse then!!) 

We love to go on adventures together as a family, and I’m often found writing about our days out. So I would love to know….

‘What adventures would you go on with this new rucksack?’ Enter below using the Rafflecopter 

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  1. To our LOCAL PARK -its massive and we’d be able to fit lots of goodies for us all


    Walks in the Argyllshire countryside with my autistic son

  3. Christine Dodd Reply

    We’re doing a tour of Andalucia this Autumn, so this would be perfect.

  4. Tony Metcalfe Reply

    I usually take a packed lunch and a few other things when I go to watch cricket, this would be perfect!

  5. Tony Metcalfe Reply

    I usually take a packed lunch, and a few other things, when I go to watch cricket, this would be perfect for that.

  6. Tania Atfield Reply

    Perfect bag for a long hike with my kids and dog’s water and snacks

  7. Chris Andrews Reply

    well it looks s o smart l’d use it as my hand luggage on my next holiday abroad

  8. Harline Parkin Reply

    I’d go walking in the Peak District with my border collie

  9. Ann-Marie Gould Reply

    I would take it up onto the Quantocks for one of our little hikes

  10. Neilsen Roban Reply

    On the London Tube network – everyday is an adventure on the Underground!

  11. kev banham Reply

    I go up to beacon fell often on my bike so this would be awesome to carry my food,drink and coat in so fingers crossed looks awesome

  12. Alana Fulton Reply

    Think we would go a drive to aberfoyle in Scotland and have a lovely walk around the lochs.

  13. a nice long day out walking through Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

  14. Susan Smith Reply

    Would go walking around the North of Scotland, its beautiful

  15. Go for walks in the lake district so my boyfriend can show me where he grew up

  16. TRACY JAMES Reply

    id use it for my hobby of beach metal detecting in cornwall

  17. We’d take it on our first family hill walking adventure where both children are old enough to walk by themselves without using a carrier! Room for a new backpack now!

  18. Victoria H Reply

    If i was lucky enough to win this i would give this to my son so he could use this for our holiday to Florida.

  19. Lorna Ledger Reply

    I would love to go on a lovely walking holiday through Wales!

  20. Would take with myself on my everyday trips, my travels and my holidays so everywhere

  21. Janice Dunn Reply

    I’d love to win this for my son who would use it on his daily commute to college

  22. Jayne Townson Reply

    If I was to win this backpack, I would take it on my holiday in the lake district.

  23. Maralyn Smith Reply

    I’d give it hubby to take with us on our trip to the Shetland Islands again. Perfect for packing everything we need for our hikes along the Eshaness Cliffs.

  24. Karen Richards Reply

    Would definitely walk the coastal paths. Cwmtydu to Llangranog is next.

  25. Louise Crocker Reply

    I’d take it to our family holiday in Devon. Not only does it look stylish, it would hold all the bits we need for our day outings.

  26. Elizabeth Smith Reply

    We’re not going away this year but like the idea of exploring the Norfolk coast more

  27. jo liddement Reply

    I would take it will me when i go to visit my son and family in Devon

  28. If I won this backpack, I’d take it with me on holiday wherever I went. Any and every adventure.

  29. barbara daniels Reply

    Im going to the peak district in august and this would awesome for climbing those rainiy hills.

  30. Helen Stratton Reply

    It would accompany us on our trek on the North Yorkshire coast.

  31. Natalie Turner Reply

    I would explore the North Welsh hills, such a beautiful and magical place!

  32. Sandra Fortune Reply

    Long beach walks and country outings would come in very useful

  33. Kristyn Harris Reply

    If I were lucky enough to win this backpack I would take it on the best adventure I would to France on a camping trip!

  34. I’d take it on a magical mystery tour of all my local off licences and fill it with beautiful booze.

  35. Laura Whittle Reply

    I’d send hubby on an adventure to the shop to buy me some cake and biscuits 🙂

  36. Mandy Betts Reply

    I would give it to my boyfriend, to take to Canada when we go later in the year.

  37. Debbie Birchall Reply

    I’d walk the coastal path along the Jurassic Coast and put any fossils I find in this cool backpack :0)

  38. Lindsey Martin Reply

    We would take it camping with us to Snowdon next month. We can pack some picnic in it for our daughter… She loves picnics.

  39. Lorna Peppiatt Reply

    I’d take it with us on our regular trips to the coast, family and dogs!

  40. Simone Griffin Reply

    My family love theme park trips so that’s where we’d take the rucksack

  41. Deborah Clarke Reply

    It would make the perfect gift for my eldest son Liam. He’s off on an adventure to uni soon. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

  42. Samantha McDonough Reply

    It’s perfect for days out with my nephews (aged 7 and 5) and for when I go snowboarding.

  43. Tracy Gladman Reply

    I’d let my daughter take it on her expedition to Norway

  44. Kelly Hanson Reply

    It’s not very adventurous but I’d use it for carrying the shopping home on my bike. The rucksack I use at the moment is looking decidedly worse for wear so could do with a new one 🙂

  45. Anthea Holloway Reply

    I would take it when I go hiking in the Rockies with my friends who live in Colorado

  46. Samantha Atherton Reply

    I go to Newborough Beach and search for the wild ponies

  47. Firstly I would take it just as my cabin bag on my honeymoon to Mauritius.. it will be the first adventure of many in my new life as a Mrs!

  48. Charlotte Carter-Dunn Reply

    I would take it on my upcoming adventures to Africa 🙂

  49. Backpacks are perhaps one of the the most underrated methods of carrying stuff. I wear them for shopping and days out as well as for occasional short breaks. I would love to take one to Paraguay but, for now, would be pleased to have a new one for my daily activities as mine are nearly all worn out.

  50. Rachel Low Reply

    I would take it on our family holiday to New Zealand, it’s the last time we can go visit my family before my daughter does her exams in UK and she would probaly LOVE it afterwards for a school bag as it is very cool (and teenagers love cool bags) x

  51. Laura Pritchard Reply

    I’d take it on our geocaching walks to hold all out essentials!

  52. Mrs Jenny Bradley Reply

    I would take it everywhere on the back of my wheelchair lol

  53. Mike Gerrie Reply

    I would take my wife and daughter a walk up Bennachie, a lovely walk up a hill in Aberdeenshire

  54. Carly Belsey Reply

    It would be a gift for Father’s Day for my partner and he would most likely use it for the gym and when we go on long walks

  55. joanne casey Reply

    It would come on loads of adventures with me!Picnics with the kids, days out at the beach, long walks on summer evenings with hubby and the dogs, on holiday…,the list is endless!

  56. Dean Boyle Reply

    Id take it to day trips out with my kids to the park and seaside

  57. Philip Rogers Reply

    I go where ever my wife tells me and it’s always an adventure

  58. go on a walk with my new puppy take some water and treats with us have a little picnic

  59. Chris Fletcher Reply

    We are walking in the Alps this summer so this would be perfect!

  60. Karen Harrison Reply

    My son would use it forhis nw adventure – starting college!

  61. Rachael Sexey Reply

    We go up into Derbyshire at the weekend with our kids and dog so this would be useful to carry our picnic and drinks in

  62. Kim Neville Reply

    I do a lot of walking for my fitbit challenges so this would be perfect size to keep all my bits in

  63. AJ MELVILLE Reply

    It woud be coming with me when I travel Scotland’s Route 500 – can’t wait!

  64. Jo Hutchinson Reply

    great for walking trips at our local parks and woods.

  65. AJ MELVILLE Reply

    It would be coming with me when I travel Scotland’s Route 500 – can’t wait!

  66. sharon martin Reply

    i’d go for an adventure walk around the pembrokeshire coastal path

  67. Pauline Dring Reply

    Our holidays are usually walking -based, so I’d use it as a daypack. My present rucksack is falling to bits, it’s so old. Our next trip is to The lake Doistrict

  68. Tricia White Reply

    I’d love to be able to say that I would be Going on a Bear Hunt – but actually I would be using it on family day trips throughout the summer 🙂

  69. Samantha R Reply

    I’d take it with us on our annual mountain biking in the highlands 🙂

  70. For a whole day dog walk! Would be perfect for carrying lots of dog toys and water.


    I would go camping in Scotland with it with my family.

  72. I would take it on all our holidays, so handy for carrying everything we need on a day out.

  73. I’d love to give this to my trendy teenager who is about to go on her first Duke of Edinburgh expedition x

  74. I would use it for my daughters Duke of Edinburgh aware – good rucksack needed!

  75. I would go on a long walk and explore a new city and carry all that I need in my new Rucksack!

  76. We have a holiday to Scotland coming up, this would be handy for carrying round essentials like cake while we explore!

  77. Karen Scott Reply

    A walk through the country with a picnic along the way

  78. Kirstin Lydon Reply

    I would visit my friends in Halesowen and go walking in the countryside there with them.

  79. Lin Martin Reply

    Picnics and walks everywhere park, by the lake and at the beach!

  80. Anna Brown Reply

    I’d take it to the beach. Perfect for holding all the family essentials.

  81. Jane Gorton Reply

    I would use it daily, plus family trips & dog walking. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  82. esther james Reply

    My partner and I love walking on the West Wales Coast so I am sure we would take it on our next adventure

  83. Kathleen Lynch Reply

    I would have so many adventures with this amazing north face backpack ove my shoulder. Adventure has no boundaries.

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