If you follow my blog you will see that we spent a full weekend clearing out the loft and garage. It will a full on weekend, but something that we had been meaning to get done for so long. It felt so good to get it done though, so much clearer and not ‘hanging over our heads’! 

I don’t think we are the only ones that put it off either. Seems there are quite a few of us who have been putting off clearing out the loft. So here are some of my tips on trying to make it a little easier for you, or give you the motivation to get it done. 

Safe Access 

First off you need to get into your loft safely. If you are having to go in and out of the loft you are going to want a set of loft stairs. We purchased these from B&Q as they have a full range of different ones. Even ones with a hand rail too. The kids love having a peep through the loft hatch! 

It’s A Messy Job 

This is going to be messy. Cover up in old clothing, protective clothing and possibly you could even wear a face mask as the dust is going to be flying everywhere. Also if the loft insulation is exposed you need to be very aware of this. Keep your doors closed to try to contain the dust to one area. Get ready for a good clean up afterwards!

Get Sorting 

Sort everything into piles as you go along. We had things in our loft that we put up there from our old house when we moved in 5 years ago! So be ruthless and make decisions on what you want to do with your items.

  • Are the sentimental?
  • Are they able to be sold?
  • Can they go to charity?
  • Or do they need to be dumped? 
  • Are they valuable? 

Once I had made these decisions I could then act on them. 

They Have Some Value To Them 

I bet some of our lofts have some gems inside of them. I’ve made over £100 so far with things we no longer want from our loft by just selling them on freeads. However you don’t want to do this if the items you have found are of any value. BPI Auctions is a great place to start selling your items online. You open up your items to lots of different people who have the chance to bid on your items. I’ve been surprised many a time with how much I have got for some items! 

I have included a FREE printout for you to keep track of your items (right click to print off as A4)  This has been so helpful for me as I set up a photo taking area in my bedroom that was clear of clutter and bright. I then was able to take photos of each item I was going to sell, take the dimensions, condition, description, sizing and any other information. 

PDF printable version if you prefer 

Then you can track where you have listed the item, how much it sold for and profit and have you sent it/been collected. I hope it helps you stay organised when you are selling so much. 

You No Longer Want The Items 

If you no longer want the item or you don’t want to sell it. Then you could donate it to charity. Smaller items can be dropped off at a charity shop. Some charities do offer collection of larger items too. However don’t just dump all of your stuff that isn’t really saleable! As you are then leaving them to sort it out and dump it. 

If you have a lot of things that you are unable to sell or give away then arrange rubbish collection companies to come and collect the items for you. This is so quick and easy and you will feel so much better getting it all cleared. 

I hope these tips helped you or given you the motivation for clearing out your loft. 

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  1. I actually don’t even know what my loft looks like, I refused to use it when I moved into my current apartment because I clustered the previous one. Job well done to you

    • Yes it is hubbys job the loft, I only poke my nose up there through the hatch!!

  2. We did this a couple of years ago as had new insulation fitted – the amount of empty boxes up there was staggering

  3. We are currently going through the loft for a pre conversion. Some good tips. I hate chucking anything lol

    • It’s so hard to get rid of things isn’t it. When they memories is my problem!

  4. Clearing the loft is a thankless job and one we ALL put off. We didn’t have a loft in our last house but two attic bedrooms and one was full of stuff. I sorted through it before we emigrated and was quite ruthless. That said we’ve still a huge amount of stuff in storage!

  5. I am so ruthless when it comes to clear outs and it makes you feel so much better doesn’t it??! Looks like you did an amazing job

  6. Oh God… THAT job! Our loft has gotten rather bad, and it’s on our list of jobs. I’ve recently been decluttering our house, but the loft is one of those spaces that we just seem to forget about. The old phrase ‘Out of sight, Out of mind’ screams at me right now. x

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