As you’re aware we’re currently going through planning permission for a new extension, keeping fingers tightly crossed it goes through quickly. My mind is currently all over the place planning the designs, layouts, colours but what I’m most excited about is the new kitchen! 

Our current kitchen is pretty small, we’ve made the most of the space we’ve got but there is just isn’t enough room to cook for a family of five in there. The moment I step into the kitchen when Kev is cooking, I will start to do other jobs, help prepare dinner, or wash up it becomes even harder and we get in each other’s way. So it usually ends up meaning Kev is just left doing it all himself and on his own.

I want to make sure we do this kitchen properly, not cutting too many corners (if we can) and making sure it will last us as a family. I want to make sure we choose kitchen units that will last, stand up the daily use of a larger family and also a colour scheme that won’t look too dated quickly.

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My Dream Kitchen Ideas

I wanted to put together a post on all the things I would love to have in our new kitchen, some of these things may possibly be a dream but I can still have them on the list!! Maybe your designing your own kitchen and struggling to think of all the useful items that could go in, so hopefully this may give you some ideas too. 

  • Good sized windows to let lots of light in
  • Spice jar storage 
  • Easy to clean floors
  • Larder 
  • Space for a freestanding bin 
  • Large island for preparation 
  • Easy to clean splashback
  • Double sized fridge 
  • Extractor Fan 
  • Boiling hot water tap 
  • Recycling system is hidden in cupboards 
  • Plenty of plug sockets 
  • Easy to clean worktops 
  • Lighting that lights up the worktops well
  • Large pan drawer
  • Large cutlery drawer
  • Large drawer to lay the plates flat in 
  • Small utensils drawer near the cooker 
  • Shelves to display nice glasses 
  • Hidden appliances 

Worktops Are The Hardest To Pick

I think the hardest choices to make out of that list for me are the kitchen worktops making sure they’re easy to clean, not going to get damaged easily, looks great, compliments the kitchen units and then balancing it with something you want and love.

dream kitchen ideas worktop express samples

The choices are endless, but you can order some sample packs from Worktop Express to make it a little easier for you. Loaded up on a chain the samples are easy to carry around and place next to your kitchen choices to see how well they coordinate. 

I’m considering a wooden worktop on the large island to break up the lightness of the room, but even then there isn’t just one to pick from! There are lots of different coloured woods and once you’ve picked your favourite colour you need to pick the type of worktop as they come in Standard, Deluxe and Full Stave being the most expensive. I’ve laid them out here for you to compare, as you can see when you look closely there aren’t as many joins in each piece. 

wooden worktop choices

Not knowing much about wooden worktops I was a little confused until I got these samples, so ordering samples are highly recommended and it will help you make your choice so much easier. You can see from this example below of a deluxe oak worktop that it has more varying lengths of staves (joins of wood) throughout the worktop. 

wooden worktops in cream kitchen

I would love to hear what you would love in your perfect kitchen? It might be a perfect addition to mine that I’ve forgotten about. 

What would be your dream kitchen ideas?

I also decided to turn to the blogging community for some more ideas on what would be their dream kitchen ideas, they always come up with such fantastic ideas. 

Bloggers Dream Kitchen Ideas  

  • Kitchen dining room 
  • Tall, thin larder cupboards with racks for storing tins away
  • Range cooker 
  • Retractable gate to stop children entering the kitchen when hob/oven is on. 
  • Walk-in pantry 
  • A professional coffee machine
  • Wine fridge 
  • Dishwasher
  • A chef!
  • A built-in pet bed and bowls in the kitchen units 
  • Hot water tap
  • A dumb waiter so you can send things up and down stairs without having to carry it!
  • Island in the middle of the kitchen
  • A cook …a cleaner and a naked chef!
  • Patio doors leading into the garden
  • A lovely big Aga set back in a deep recess and old oak beams
  • More economical white goods
  • Sperate utility room 
  • A dishwasher that puts clean plates back in the cupboards by itself. A self-cleaning sink and a floor that mops up crumbs and spills itself. 
  • An integrated Chest Freezer that is separate from my large integrated fridge!
  • Big ceramic sink
  • Underfloor heating
  • Coffee table and couch area for lounging about
  • A little space for herb pots
  • Breakfast bar
  • Filtered tap that does boiling water for tea or really cold water for drinking.
  • Hand-held handy vac which I can grab to quickly pick up the crumbs on the countertops or under the table
  • A waste disposal unit in the sink!
  • Plug sockets with USB ports in
  •  A great big larder! In my mind, it would be all organised and everything would be all labelled in little cute jars! 
  • I would have a shelf or 5! for all my beautiful cookbooks so they were within easy reach and a colourful addition to another wise purely white kitchen
  • A central island where everyone can gather
  • An abundance of natural light 
  • A super large dining table
  • A Beautiful View 
  • A pull-out tap – amazing for filling pots and rinsing plates
  • Lighting zones, so you can adjust the lights depending on the mood 
  • Massive amounts of floor-to-ceiling cupboards
  • A big glass roof lantern, which lets in a massive amount of lovely natural light. 
  • Induction hob
  • A whole wall of units with integrated appliances and a long stretch of worktop
  • Space for a sofa 

Thank you so much to the following bloggers who contributed to this list, there are so many amazing ideas. 

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  1. I really want a kitchen extension in the future too, our kitchen is a tiny box with no bench space. Hopefully we can knock the utility room and kitchen into one big kitchen in next few years x

  2. Melanie williams Reply

    A good kitchen is all about making sure it works for you. Like for us storage is a must xx

    • Ah I’m glad you’re enjoying creating yours step by step, thats the best way as you get just what you want

  3. I am with the blogger who wants a chef in her dream kitchen. I would add a pinboard to the list for shopping lists, coupons and such like.

    • Yeah we can all have dreams can’t we!! Maybe we can have one for one night!! Oh a pinboard that’s a great idea

  4. Our kitchen is tiny too and is in desperate need of a makeover so I can’t wait to read all about yours. I think you’re right the worktops are one of the hardest things to decide upon because they really affect the design of the rest of the kitchen. I would love to have a kitchen/ dining room with plenty of storage space (but that might need a different house). Fingers crossed the planning permission goes through. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  5. Great ideas from everyone. I think I would like a large island with enough space for the kids to help make things would be my dream.

  6. When looking for work tips I recommend a solid surface such as Corian or the less expensive Hanes or Hi-Macs. These can be sanded back if scratched and will last forever if cared for. Make sure you keep a sample back for any repair work needed in the future.

    • My feet get so cold and go white so having underfloor heating would be so nice, will have to price it up! I think I would lay on it too!!

  7. Thanks for the great post! I can’t wait to design my kitchen so that it suits my needs perfectly, I just hope I do as much of a good job as you!

  8. This really would be a dream kitchen with all these features! We just had tall larder cupboards built my a carpenter and it’s a game changer!

    • I can’t wait to have one of those, I can fill it with so much and have it all to hand

  9. When it comes to my dream kitchen, I was a huge area, double sized freezer, range cooker, an island with chairs and lots of things.

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