Today I am bringing you a little Easter egg craft post, my twin girls love crafts and can spend hours with the craft box out and coming up with some amazing crafts!

With the help of some other bloggers, I have put together 7 great Easter egg crafts for you to try. Let me know if you give any a go!

Q-Tip Easter Egg Decorating

How to blow an egg and decorate for Easter

How To Make An Easter Egg Wreath





Easter Egg Process Art Cards

Lego Egg Decorating – Eggett (Emmett) and Superman

Mr Men Egg Decorating 

Kids Easter Egg Decorating – Tissue Paper Chicks

Thank you for all the bloggers who worked with me on this post, they all look great fun to do and I am sure we will be having a go over the Easter holidays.

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Are you looking for some Easter egg crafts for kids to do over the Easter holidays. I have put together 7 Easter egg crafts which will keep your kids happy, busy and if they love kids crafts they will love these crafts




  1. Some great ideas here for Easter based fun for the kids, although some of the ideas like the Mr Men and the tissue paper chicks could be made any time. The tissue paper chicks looked more like the angry birds to be honest which is cool and as a plus you can tell the kids they can make their favourite characters from there too!

    Thanks for the inspiration and the great photography!

  2. Kerry norris Reply

    Love these crafts. I’ve never thought to use a cotton bud for painting. Such a clever idea x

    • No I hadn’t either! Makes you think of all the other items that you could use!

  3. Some lovely ideas here! I especially love the Easter Egg wreath it looks gorgeous with all the colours together xx

  4. These all look fantastic. Being a little busy the week before easter 😉 this will be the first time in years we haven’t done nests, bonnets, blown eggs etc etc!! We still be decorating though as that’s big here!

  5. What great ideas I’m hoping to do some Easter crafts with Blake. He isn’t much into crafts though so makes it tricky.

  6. Some fab ideas here! I love the Mr Men eggs and the Q-tip Easter egg decorating! I’m looking forward to doing some Easter crafts over the school holidays. And also making Easter nest cakes. Not exactly craft, but something we do every year. x

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