January can be a really funny month, it’s either full of great ideas for a fresh start or it can be right miserable month. Either way, I think it’s good to focus on having a clear out, make some goals and take a step back to look at what you want. 

If your anything like me I’m not good as the year goes along for staying focused at what I want, so January is my month to try to make some changes. I hopefully then make those little changes that become normal life. 

Having A Fresh Start 

Our homes should be a place that we can retreat to when you’ve been at work all day, a place to bring up the children, a place to relax when you’ve been busy all day, so we should concentrate on creating a place that can be all of that for us. So here are 8 ways we can start to have that fresh start for 2019. 

Paperwork Dumping Areas 

My desk is my problem area for this, and it’s not even just me that collects paperwork here!! Everyone in the house seems to put it on my desk, even if it’s not something I need to deal with. So I had a good clear out of it, got some baskets, a letter tray that I can to hold my notebooks that I’m addicted too and paperwork that I need to do something with. I have even sprayed them up gold to match my desk colours. Now I’ve just got to teach everyone else what to do with the paperwork. 


I go through all my finances to make sure they’re all in order and check I am not overspending in places where I can save money. We have a separate bank account that all our bills come out from, any yearly products come out of this as well, but I will make sure we put a little aside each month to cover these. It means we don’t get any big bills needing to come out in one month and having to find the full amount, as we’ve collected the money as the year goes along. I make sure these are all tallying up correctly, and I am putting over the correct amount each month. Delete any old direct debits and standing orders too. 


Do you collect little keepsakes over the year? I have one box that sits on the shelf in my lounge, I can pop in the things I want to keep of the children’s, little memories we share and want to keep. At the end of the year, I will put all these little items into a folder or a keepsake box. I can then start filling the first box again. 


Over the years I have tried to keep my photos more organised by the year, but last year I started sorting them into months. I could then easily find photos from things that happened by the month. Have a fresh start with your photos this year and make little folders to keep them sorted. 


Have a good clear out of your e-mails and create some sub-folders so you can sort them out when they arrived in your inbox, rather than building up and struggling to find e-mails. 

Kitchen Cupboards 

When I attack my kitchen cupboards I’m so surprised by the amount of food that is out of date! We’re not big spenders with our food and usually only buy items we need as we meal plan, but it’s the baking items! I need to do some more baking! So have a fresh start with your cupboards, clear out old food, give them a wipe down and enjoy all the space you now have! 

Bathroom Cupboards 

Bathroom cupboards are another one that I fill up over the year with lots of different things, have a good clear out of those too. Get little baskets and sort them out into bottles, medicines, creams and things like plasters. 

IKEA HACK EKBY ALEX HACK into a dressing table. Looking a creating a dressing table from a IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf, then take a look at this post. It works brilliant with a grey and white bedroom decor, and lots of storage. I also have put together a IKEA MARIUS stool hack to make it a little more comfy!

Beauty Items 

Cleaning out makeup and hair products yearly gives your products a good clear out and gets rid of the items you don’t use. You’re not meant to keep a lot of your make up products for over a year (check the date range on the back) I had an eye issue which made me look at the products I still had in my drawer. To find one that I got when I got married 11 years ago! Yeah, I needed a clear out of my dressing table and now it’s much easier to find the few products I do use. 

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to start 2019 with a fresh start. I would love to hear if you have any tips on starting the year fresh? 

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  1. I’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo recently and have been so inspired and excited to sort out the house. I’m actually starting this morning and cannot wait! All of these areas that you mention need a good sort out in my life. It’s so hard to keep on top of everything though x

    • I’ve heard a lot about this lady recently, I’ve not watched any of them yet, I think I might have to! I get frustrated on how messy those places get again and so quickly!!

  2. As a photographer, I have needed more storage space and it can become more expensive. It does make it easier to store the digitals in months and years, so I can find them more easier.

    For each batch of photos I produce, I label as what the photographs are. That way I can also find them when I need to go back to them. After 1 year, if I feel don’t need them, I delete the hard copies unless they are of my daughter growing up. Blog and other work, they get deleted after 6 months.

    As for the other things, i am not really in to Beauty Items, so I will leave this up to my wife. Finances are always important and keeping on top of them, can be hard.

    John M

    • Yes that’s what I’m not very good at with pictures is going back and deleting them after time!

  3. This was such s good read and has definitely inspired me. I have loads of those little baskets knocking around, I just need to put them to good use!

    • Oh yes I have collections of them too! Things look so much tidier in a basket, and it’s easier when you dust

  4. Great ideas, I need to get on top of things. It is so nice to have a fresh start and to fell organised takes away so much stress.

    • It does make a difference when things are more organised, I hate not finding stuff when I’m in a rush!

  5. There are some really good tips in here! I have a similar system for keepsakes, I have a pirates chest sitting on a shelf that collects all my ticket stubs and cards, and then those go into a scrapbook when I have the time to stick them all in. My first scrapbook lasted all the way from 2006 to 2018, but this year I finally started a fresh one!

    • Ah I bet it has so many lovely memories in it, I love looking back over our little achievements

  6. good suggestions here thank you – I’ve tidied my work area (wish I could say it was a desk) and am going through draws at the moment – one each evening. Getting there slowly – but happier for booting the cutter.

    • Ah that’s a good idea doing one each night. Doesn’t make it feel too overwhelming then

    • I get so many little things form them that make me smile, so it’s lovely to keep hold of them to look back at

  7. I desperately need to do this, especially the paperwork, kitchen cupboards and bathroom. I’ve been meaning to get those letter trays for a while! Thanks for the motivation!

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