Deerleap is on the edge of The New Forest, Hampshire. It’s very easy to find and not far from the motorway. We visited Deerleap back in March 2017, when we visited when storm Doris had swept across the UK and made our walk very windy! 

Back then we decided to avoid the woods due to the storm, so I wanted to visit Deerleap again and take a different route through the woods. 

When we arrived it was a busy Sunday afternoon, the car park was pretty full and you had to wait for a space. Once we had our space we headed out across the field towards the woods. Once you’re in this are you can follow the paths around, we decided to take the path to the right which followed the forest edge. 

The kids ran into the forest to explore, picking up sticks and seeing what they could find. 

In Deerleap there are some well maintained gravelled paths to following, which makes it so easy to find routes to take. 

Following this path along we got to a large crossroad of paths, as the time was ticking on we took the left hand one to take us back into the woods. 

This does make it a quick walk, although with the children it did take us an hour and a half!  Walking through the woods we came across a den that someone made, this kept the kids busy for a little bit.

Once you’ve veered off towards the left you will find yourself back out on the path near the start! 

Kev has been slightly bitten by the blogging bug and wants to get involved more now, so he took the opportunity to have a go at creating some video footage of our walk at Deepleap. I want to add more content to my YouTube channel as I really love creating videos too. We’re just getting out and about practising, and doing it at the places we visit is perfect. Even the kids have even joined in too! 

I would love to know if you’ve visited Deepleap and which route you decided to take too. 



  1. Wow, that looks so beautiful! I love Winter walks, something about the chill in the air makes it more magical.

    Katie xoxo

  2. This is so beautiful the forest looks like it’s atepoed out of the Twilight books so magical! I hope you had a magical time together!

  3. We’ve been here! It’s so nice and you’ve captured it beautifully in your photos. I love the new forest for walks, I miss it now we’ve moved away xx

  4. Looks like a lovely place to go for a walk. I love Suanday walks and so would enjoy this I am sure. I bet it all looks really different in the different seasons!

    • I love how it changes colours with the seasons, the purple heather is the best I think…oh but the golden autumn is lovely too!!

    • Thanks. I love the end results of creating a video, nice to capture those little moments with the children

  5. The New Forest has to be one of my favourite places to go for a walk with the dog/family. Gorgeous photos of you all x

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