Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Or is it not your thing? We’re not big Royalist, but I do like having a Royal Family and I love a good wedding, so I was quite excited to watch it! 

It was a nice family weekend for us, the sun was shining and we had Kevs Mum down for the weekend, so I thought I would do something extra special. So we headed out for a Royal Picnic! 

To make a Royal Picnic I needed some red, white and blue items! 

  • Red and Blue Paper Cups 
  • Red and Blue Paper Plates 
  • Red and White Paper Straws (good for reducing plastic!) 

I also needed a new picnic rug, we are a family of 5 and I haven’t ever had a picnic rug that is big enough for us all! So usually had to take two out with us. Not this one by Songmics. I got the XXL 200cm x 200cm size and it’s perfect. Large enough to fit us all on but also rolls up small enough to be able to carry. 

I also went all sophisticated with the food and kind of stuck with the same colours for that too!!!

  • Scones, Jam and Clotted Cream 
  • Cooked Sausage Rolls 
  • Strawberries 
  • Kettle Crisps 
  • Jelly In Pots 
  • Triangle Sandwiches with the crusts cut off! 
  • Lemonade and Elderflower soft drink 
  • Apple Juice 

The kids were so excited as our picnics don’t usually look this good and full of such tasty stuff!!! 

Next up was a place to visit on such a beautiful day. We headed into The New Forest, there are so many lovely places here so we were pretty spoilt on where to go. However if I was going to watch the Royal Wedding on TV then I needed signal……..I checked the Vodaphones coverage map and picked Hatchet Pond as it had great signal and 4G. Well it didn’t on arrival! So we couldn’t watch the wedding whilst having our picnic, I was gutted. So we just made the most of it and enjoyed the sunshine and the area. 

Hatchet Pond is stunning, it is very close to Beaulieu so easy to find with a decent sized car park. We got there about 11am but when we left at 2:30 the car park was full, so do be aware. However I think that is pretty standard of areas like this in The New Forest. 

Hatchet Pond was created in the 18th century to provide power for an iron mill and is currently the largest body of water within the Crown Lands of the New Forest, and is managed by the Forestry Commission. When we arrived we were blown away by how pretty it was. The sun was hitting the water and I couldn’t wait to find our picnic spot. 

I had my eye on the otherside of the pond, under those trees for shade and near the edge for the kids to paddle. It is easily accessible by following the paths around the right hand side. Passing by the Lily plants that my Lily loved! 

We were very pleased with our picnic spot around this side, I think we will be  back for a walk all the way around though as it was a lovely looking circular walk. 

We’re also going to bring their swimming costumes! They loved paddling in the water, it gave them a perfect opportunity to see what wildlife they could find in the water too. They spotted tadpoles!

The only downside with Hatchet Pond is the road that runs along it. As you can see the cars are pretty close to the pond on the otherside, however we did see some more spots we could have sat further around. That way we would be further away from the road. 

There was quite a few ponies and donkeys to see near the car park area too. 

Here you will find toilets and ice cream van (he was there when we were!) it’s good to have the conveniences near by with kids. We will be back again to Hatchet Pond and have a walk further around too. Take your camera as I saw quite a lot of wildlife.

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  1. We didn’t plan to watch the royal wedding but ended up watching it and i was hooked. I thought it was so much more romantic than the last royal wedding.

    Your picnic looks absolutely fab. And in a beautiful setting too. What a lovely idea. #countrykids

  2. What a splendid idea. We were busy at a theme park so missed the Royal Wedding but could take your colour themed picnic idea and use it for anything royal or British. I think it would be perfect for St George’s day (if it isn’t raining that is)

  3. Lauren Davis Reply

    Wow looks like you had an amazing day that lake looks beautiful, think this will be next on my next Doggy Holiday list!

  4. We love a good picnic and a posh one is always a treat. It looks like a lovely location you chose even if you couldn’t combine it with watching the Royal Wedding. the girls look like they had a lovely time paddling int he water, I bet there were a few soggy items by the end of your visit!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  5. I really don’t like weddings, but I have to say that I absolutely loved Harry’s and Meghan’s! It was beautiful and not boring at all.
    And looks like you guys had a great time! Your picking food looked delicious x

  6. Oh wow what a gorgeous spot to have a picnic and the Royal wedding day was glorious weather wise. I’m the same not a massive royalist but do like a good wedding – as well as delicious picnic

    Laura x

    • It was beautiful wasn’t it, so nice to be able to chill whilst the kids run around too

  7. Wow, looks like you all had lots of fun. Amazing scenery. I have never seen a pony in real-life, so this is exciting for me. You have a beautiful family xx

  8. How stunning are your pictures! The view is breathtaking and you’ve put together such a beautiful picnic ! Beautiful memories were made I’m sure!

    • Thank you very much, it was lovely for my Mother In Law to make those memories with her too

  9. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Seems the weather treated you well that day as well!

  10. Ahhh it looks like you had a lovely time and what gorgeous weather too. I love the fact that the donkeys were roaming around too!x

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