There seems to be a few more play parks popping up around our area and my kids are happy to be park testers!! This visit is to the new play area at Alver Valley Country Park in Gosport. 

We turned up  on a very chilly January morning about 10:30. There is a large car park which was pretty much empty at that time, and by the time we left at 12pm it was about half full. From here you can venture out into the countrypark too. We tried to find this one weekend when it first opened, but we went to the wrong side, however it was a lovely countrypark to explore.

We drove around the correct side this time, you want the West Car Park which is along Cherque Way, Lee-on-the-Solent PO13

Don’t forget your change for the car parking, I was lucky I had a little bit and a friend for 20p!! 

The car park is right next to the play area, with the smaller play area for smaller kids here and the larger one to the left of this sign. Perfect if you have different aged children.

What I LOVE about Alver Valley Country Park Play Area is that it is great for older kids. I have a 13 year old son and twin girls who are 8 years old. Most play areas are suitable for the 8 year olds but not the oldest one. Not with Alver Valley Country Park! 

Some of the things were even too hard for my 8yr olds which was great for my son as he can be challenged then. 

You can see the metal monkey bar things going from the floor up onto of the castle, I watched some teenagers having a go at this one! Some with success and some not! Great that they are challenged too. As well as a huge zip wire, climbing walls and massive slides.

Talking about massive slides, look at this slide area!! 

It’s HUGE!! And they loved it! Some were very fast or a bit rough so make sure you tell them to fold in their arms and legs so they don’t get caught! Mine learnt this lesson pretty quickly!!! 

So even though there was some things there that my 8 year olds couldn’t do, they had so much to do still. The 13 year old was happy and they were happy. Perfect park!! 

However you may have noticed it was pretty wet and muddy. I don’t mean just a little bit, I mean sinking mud, you can see by my daughters walking boots (thank goodness they wore them that day!) however they really could have done with wellies. If you have little ones dress them in a all in one, and clothes you don’t care getting muddy! 

They had installed rubber play area stuff under the play equipment but you needed to get to these areas! The only way was through the mud!

We had two fall over in the mud, and they were both going down this massive hill. Which is great fun to climb and they loved being able to look out over the park like a Meerkat! 

Dispute the mud mine LOVED this park and playing with their friends. I would happily go back again, and I am looking forward to a summer outing with a picnic as there are some nice grassy areas that when dry will be fine to sit on whilst the kids are playing. 

Take a look at what Alver Valley Country Park has to offer as well as the park, it is full of wildlife areas, paths to explore and I am sure we will be back. 

Alver Valley Country Park in gosport hampshire. we tried out the new play area in Alver Valley Countrypark with the kids. A huge park with a massive play area and slides, zip wire, climbing walls. Great play area in Hampshire.

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  1. We have a similar park near our home in Bangalore. My 3 year old loves it so much that he would live there permanently.

    • So nice to have that space near them isn’t it to play and run free. Thanks

  2. All this for just the cost of parking your car? I’d say a real bargain even on a muddy day. I guess the big bonus was having the park to yourself, I expect it will get very busy in summer, but then that brings the chance to make friends too which can keep children entertained for hours. I love that there is something for young teens too, they want to be cool but still want to play but so few places provide anything suitable. We need somewhere like this in Cornwall.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • This was so good for my eldest, big enough for them to ‘play’ but still be cool! Yes I don’t mind paying for parking when you get something like this and entertainment

  3. Massive space and amazing equipment! Its also nice that its off peak so its empty so you have all the area for yourself. Such lovely play area for kids =)


    • Fantastic space isn’t it, really different equipment to play on too. Thank you

  4. Wow, wow, wow. This park looks amazing! I really wish we had better parks near us or that this was in driving distance. It looks awesome. I love that there is a double slide too. What a great place to go and play. Honestly, the parks near us are so, so rubbish. x

    • Oh no, maybe your have to start a campaign up for some new play areas. This is new so maybe there is some funding hidden!

  5. This looks really great and I love it they’ve done something for the older children. It always is a mud bath over there in the winter and something we learnt to live with!

    • Yep I think everyone will get use to it once they know and will be prepared!!

  6. This looks like a lovely park. A little too far for us, but will keep it in mind if we are in the area

  7. My nephew would go mental here, him and the mud are best friends, he finds incredible ways to test his parents skills lol. Lovely place and parking is not too bad.

  8. That looks like an awesome playground. Those slides certainly do look big. Pity about the mud, they should try to think how to combat it over the summer.

    • Fingers crossed they will as it is such a shame as I know a lot of people won’t go again because of that.

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