We all love to look at glossy magazines and interior design blogs, showing us just how amazing our own homes could be if we only put the effort it.Unfortunately, our efforts are not always as spectacular as we believed they would be.

Decorating disasters are incredibly common amongst us laypeople, and it is out homes that bear the scars of our inexperience. The good news is, it isn’t too difficult to avoid some of the most common decorating disasters. Here’s how:

Paint on the Furniture

One of the most common decorating disasters to befall the average person is spilling paint on the furniture, where it is extremely difficult to get out. There are a couple of ways to deal with this.If you want to make absolutely sure that your lovely couch won’t end up a paint splattered mess, click on Storage Units Near Me and hire yourself a storage unit to stow it safely away until your decorating is done. For a faster solution, cover your furniture, and floors with old sheets.


If you love your art, but every time you hang a piece, it seems to make the room feel smaller and more claustrophobic, it’s probably because you’re hanging your pictures and prints too high up, making the ceilings seem closer to you. Ideally, you should hang your artworks no more than 1.5 metres from the floor.

Sofa Spread

No, it isn’t the at-home version of manspreading you need to be worried about! Sofa spreading is a common decorating disaster whereby homeowners purchase comfy sofas that are way too big for the room they’re going to be in, making the space feel cramped and cluttered, rather than cozy and open, like they were aiming for. To avoid this particular decor disaster, make sure to measure your room and choose a sofa that takes up no more than 60 percent of its width, less if you can manage it.

Unprepped Walls

If you’re planning to revamp your walls by adding a new lick of paint, you really do need to ensure that you prep them first. A failure to do so could result in a patchy, dirty, uneven finish. So, wash the walls, fill any holes and apply a decent primer before you get busy with that paint roller.

Too Many Trends

If you don’t want to have to redecorate your home every couple of years due to it looking more and more dated as time goes by, steer clear of obvious trends that don’t have that timeless quality to them. Remember, avocado suites were once the height of fashion, but now they make a home look antiquated!If you must incorporate the latest colours and styles into your home, do so via accessories and other non-permanent additions, which can easily be removed when you’ve grown tired of them.

Decorating disasters can and do happen, but if you’re mindful of the above and you take the time to read DIY and interiors blogs and magazines, your home is much less likely to be a victim of one!

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Avoiding Decorating Disasters. Keeping furniture spaced out, wall art well hung and clean painting



    • Probabaly for a few grand less then if he would have done it up. If you can avoid the dreaded ‘needs some modernisation’ line in an estate agents advert you can get more for your property then the actual spend. Thing is some people don’t have the money to invest.

  1. Good tips. Although I have to admit that most of my decorating disasters usually revolve around personal injury!

  2. Prepping the walls has been something I’ve tried to cut corners with in the past and suffered the consequences! It’s well worth doing it properly 🙂

  3. My biggest downfall is not prepping, I rush straight in! Totally agree that you need to avoid being too trendy iffy don’t want to keep having to decorate often.

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