After the storm on Saturday, we’re more than happy to get out in the sunshine on Sunday, and what better place to head to than the sea! I love being so close to the sea, and Royal Victoria Country Park holds a special place in my heart. Today we took part in the Bear’s Winter Wander which has been organised by Hampshire County Council at our local country parks.

Bear’s Winter Wander takes place at three Hampshire country parks from Saturday 27 November 2021 to Sunday 2 January 2022: at Lepe Country Park, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, and Royal Victoria Country Park.

Royal Victoria Country Park has lots of handy parking which is very close for little legs to all the activities, but we parked down by the seafront so we could run the dog around the field beforehand, and look at the lovely view. 

Bear’s Winter Wander is a perfect time to reconnect with nature this winter, as you follow along this festive family walk, following the trail to find all the activities to take part in. You need to head to the large Chapel building to collect your trail pack before you start the trail. 

£6 for each child taking part you pick up your trail pack which includes the following, 

  • Trail guide booklet
  • Colouring pencils
  • Trail Map 
  • Your very own Bear to take on the walk and to take home afterward.

It was very sweet seeing the little kids running around with the teddies under their arms! The map was very easy to follow and the signs we’re nice and big for the little ones to be able to spot.

Once you’ve found the sign you can match it up with your trail book and find which of Bear’s friends it is. He has many woodland friends, including Robin, Mole, Squirrel, Barn Owl, Badger, Deer, Bee, Rabbit, and Hedgehog.

At each sign, you are given an activity to do, including riddles, games, and puzzles to solve plus missing acorns and pinecones to find. 

Royal Victoria Country Park is a very beautiful country park, and it’s a nice place to walk as well. It’s well pathed so great for pushchairs, and not too muddy as well. 

Dogs are very much welcomed here as well, and if you want to extend your walk off the pathways, there are some nice woodland areas to walk around to. 

Once you’ve followed your circular trail walk around you will end up back down near the water and back to the chapel. 

What I did like about the Bear’s Winter Wander, is that you get given everything at the start. So you can do the trail in your own time, but also if all else fails, something happens with the kids and you need to leave you don’t have to let the kids down by not getting the reward at the end like many other trails I’ve been on. 

We even finished off with a very nice hot drink and a hot sausage roll! Which I really recommend you do as they taste so nice, you can find a kiosk window at the Chapel. Royal Victoria Country Park is currently having a large refurbishment of their restaurant, so this is shut at the moment, but this kiosk is really good and has a lovely view whist your eating too. 

Book Online For Bear’s Winter Wander 

Make sure you book up to do the Bear’s Winter Wander as they have said some of their dates last year have booked up early and sold out, so grab your tickets online here 

Royal Victoria has many things to do whilst you’re there. Look out for the Fairy Tree , a visit inside the Chapel, and the amazing play area they have. 


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