Back last summer we took a new Botley circular walk which was a great find and one I have recently done again, so I thought I would get on a write about it! 

Botley bypass is going to be installed in this area, and there will be a couple of points on this walk that will have some big changes. With the main road going right through, this landscape changes a lot soon. 

We started off at Botley Fire Station, alongside this a track road that goes past the allotments. Follow this straight up past all of these. 

Follow this grassy path along with the fields and you will reach a railway line that goes overhead. 

This is the point on the current maps where the Botley Bypass will go through, currently sheep fields! 

This then opens up to another grass field with a barns and a house at the end. 

Cross over their track to the other footpath 

Through some gates, and a stone path. Here you will reach a caravan and someone’s land, this is a public footpath so it’s within your rights to walk this. It leads straight out in a line to the main road. 

Take a turn right and follow the road along. The cars can come a little quick on this road, so be careful and keep tucked in! 

Follow this road all the way along until you reach this area here. There is a small tucked away footpath sign on your right hand side of the road. 

Cross over the field, there weren’t any animals in it when we went last year, but this time there were friendly horses and cows. 

When you head through the gates you want to head in the left direction and follow the fields along to the left-hand side of them until you reach the very top field. 

Once you’ve reached the top field and area lined with woodland, follow the top line along to the right 

A gate is kind of hidden in the woodland line, and head through this. 

Follow the paths along and across the railway line bridge. 

The route is very overgrown, we wondered if it was only last year but it was the same this year too. Lots of stinging nettles! However now I’ve looked at the Botley bypass map, the road will be crossing over this footpath as well. 

Keep going along the edge of the fields until you reach the stile. 

Take the right hand track down to the main road, this is the main Botley road through the village and comes out by the mill. 

Turn right to take yourself up the hill into Botley, and turn right into the road at the junctions, 

This takes you back to Botley fire station where you started. 

This is a lovley walk around Botley and nice to see the beautiful countryside before the diggers come in. I hope they don’t distirbed the area too much, and not too many houses get built on this area too. It’s a nice Botley circular walk that all of us really enjoyed. 

Map For Starting and Finishing Point

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