Whilst we were in Scotland for Christmas we visited Bruce’s Stone at Loch Trool. I wanted to show the children places that we would never find near us in Hampshire. Bruce’s Stone really did provide that for them! 

Bruce’s Stone looks over Loch Trool, and is to commemorates Robert the Bruce, Kind of Scotland and the Battle of Trool in 1307. I mentioned when we visited Clatteringshaw Loch that we found one of Bruce’s Stones here too. 

A very bitter battle took place around here, with English soldiers being ambushed with stones as they walked along the shore of Loch Troll. Scotland has such impressive countryside and as we visited in the Winter it was so peaceful and quiet. I cannot imagine the terrible sight of the battle here. 

After visiting Bruce’s Stone, we headed down the hill towards Loch Trool. I really wanted to show the children a waterfall up close as they had never seen one. We could see some water falling through the hills, but wasn’t sure if we could get to the end of it. 

Following it down we came across bridges and mini waterfalls in the hills, but kept on going to find the big one! 

Well it wasn’t quite a waterfall I wanted to find, but it was pretty impressive and the rush of water coming down over the rocks was pretty fast and rough! 

The kids were impressed and we stayed here for quite a while, a bit too long as we then noticed the sun setting behind the hills! 

So a quick walk back up to the top to get back to the car before it got dark! As Bruce’s Stone is in the Scotland Dark Sky area it was going to get very very dark and we didn’t fancy being out with the kids in the middle of the Scottish Forest on our first proper day in Scotland!! 

You can access Bruce’s Stone from Glentrool Visitor Centre, which is another beautiful place to walk if you have time to visit both. 



  1. I love this kind of rugged nature and with such a fascinating story behind it. The waterfall is so beautiful.

    • The kids loved the waterfall, we stayed there a bit too long as the sun was setting!

  2. The scenery and your photos look stunning. We bought a new camper van last year and we’re planning a road trip to Scotland at Easter and I can’t wait.

  3. What an amazing place to explore! It looks lovely and the pictures of stream and countryside are beautiful. Even if it has a bit of a gruesome history!

  4. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful! I learned a bit about Robert the Bruce in College but they don’t tell you enough. You really have to learn on your own. At least here in the states anyway. Scotland is one of my top places to travel to in the future. I can’t wait to see all that beauty and learn all that history!

    • Its so beautiful there and so many places to explore, we can’t wait to go back one day and exploring some more

  5. What a stunning place to visit. We fell in love with scotland last year but have so much more we want to see

    • We love it too, there are so many places to explore up there that I’m not sure we would ever tick off all the places I want to visit!!

  6. Such a beautiful place and so calming, but I BET it was brutal with all the battles it hides in its history. We have lots of random stones around us as well left by the vikings and Bronze Age they are so interesting and remind us of our past

    • Yes it was a very brutal but such a big part of History happen there too. It was very calm, even with our three!!

    • There are so many lovely places up there, we’ve been well and truly bitten by the Scotland bug!

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