There is no hiding the fact that I love HomeSense, I have mentioned it a few times on my blog and now it is Christmas it is the first place I would go to and look for Christmas items. So this year I am bringing you a little HomeSense Christmas Series on my blog. I will be showing you what type of things that I purchased in HomeSense, ideas for presents, the Christmas table and how to decorate your home.


My local HomeSense has a stunning Christmas range, with so many things to choose from and even though I did look like the mad Christmas lady, I LOVED it!!

So the first post I am going to bring you is a few Christmas gifts and ideas, foodies, teachers and even the dog! None of these gifts are expensive and all under £10.


First off we have the foodies one, HomeSense have some lovely food items to choose from and some are really nicely packaged which makes a nice gift.

  • Cast iron skillet with a cinnamon roll baking kit. My husband loves anything to do with cinnamon in, so this makes a nice little gift. Means I will have to try this out and taste some too won’t I?! £6.99 
  • Shortbread in a nice train tin, I think Christmas is a perfect time for shortbread and it comes in a nice tin as well so looks nice. They had lots of different sizes in stock £3.49
  • Jam and lemon curd jars in a canvas bag. It’s nice to purchase food items that are a little bit more luxury than you usually would eat daily, and they come in a sweet little bag £5.99
  • These chocolates are so nice, I just had to keep these for myself didn’t I…they fell out of the jar!! HomeSense had a huge range of sweets and chocolates £5.99 


  • I spotted these little note books in the stationary section and thought they would make a perfect teachers gift. If I was a teacher I know I would have lists everywhere, so these will look nice sat on their desks £3.99 each 


  • HomeSense have a great pet section in the store, and you can always find great toys, bowls and treats in there. This cool toy took my eye for Gus, I think it will him busy on Christmas day! £6.99


  • Nice smellies are always make a good gift, HomeSense have a large section with candles and scented reed diffusers, and they even divide them into colour sections! This reed diffuser is cocoa and vanilla, which smells so nice. I liked the look of it, and thought it would make a nice gift to someone £4.99


  • So all of these things need to be wrapped up, and HomeSense even have this too! How lovely are all these ribbons £5.99, bows £4.99, and tags £3.99. They had all different colour choices as well.


So I have a few gifts ticked off my list now, and some even wrapped up. I will be making more trips to HomeSense for more Christmas ideas, so keep an eye out.

*Commissioned post


You Baby Me Mummy


  1. Kerry Norris Reply

    I love homesense. You can always find something in there. I love their stationary so my fave from your picks is the cute notebook x

  2. The London Mum Reply

    Love the gifts- great picks for those little extra gifts for people!

  3. Lauren Belle du Brighton Reply

    Love the diffusers and the little note set! Always handy to give as gifts as most people would make good use of them!

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