When I was a child there was lots of Brewers Fayre restaurants near me, I have fond memories of going along with my Grandparents for a treat, they loved Brewers Fayre! Our local one use to have a little soft play area inside and a fantastic outdoor climbing frame and park. Disappointingly lots of them changed hands and they were turned into large restaurants, got rid of the play areas to make room for more seating, and made into more ‘sophisticated’ restaurants.

This doesn’t help families who want to go out for a meal with their children, who want to sit and have a drink and chat. You end up trying to eat and drink quickly before the kids get too bored.

We went along to our local Brewers Fayre restaurant, Clarence Pier in Southsea for an early Father’s Day treat. This is one of not many restaurants who do have a kids play area inside, it is tucked around the corner on one side of the restaurant so parents feel like they can be away from people are trying to have a quiet meal. This is the best of both worlds!

This Brewers Fayre is situated right on Southsea front, with seating outside as well as large windows you can sit and look out over the Solent. Watch the boats going past and the sun shining on the water.


Southsea is a very typical seaside town with a pebble beach, fairground rides, amusement arcades, cheesy gift shops and lots of fun involved! My kids love Southsea.

The parking for Brewers Fayre is a pay and display car park as it is right on the beach front, so bring some change.

The inside decor was clean and well presented, staff smiled upon our entrance, however I was unsure if we were meant to be seated or found our own table as I was not directed by them.


We arrived at 4:30pm on a Friday but we found a table for 6 easily, the menus gave us a large choice of meals to cater for all.

They did some good offers for ordering 12pm-5pm Mon-Fri on selected items.

clarence-pier-brewers-fayre-menu-1 clarence-pier-brewers-fayre-menu-2

I was really impressed with the kids menu, clearly laid out and having pictures of the meals was such a great idea. Kids are so visual that they can see just what they’re getting. You are able to also swap the sides that the meal comes with and add ons like drinks and desserts. The prices were really reasonable too, going up to 3 course for £4.99.


You can get bottomless soft drinks which T made the most of being able to top it up himself!


Whilst we were waiting the kids had activity packs they could fill in, it was nice that it wasn’t just one small book it was full of activities for them to do.


You take your table number and order your food at the bar which was done quite quickly, the food arrived within about 20minutes, all perfect and hot.

KIDS POPPIN CHICKEN – £3.99 – good size, not too much but not too little. L really enjoyed it.


KIDS CLASSIC BURGER – £3.99 – Not many chips, I gave her some of mine off my plate and the coleslaw was just placed on the plate. The picture had it in a little pot which would have been better as some kids would moan that it’s touching their burger!! The burger was tasty and S enjoyed it.


NEW YORKER BURGER – £9.49 – T made the most of getting a ‘big boys’ meal and went for a full sized adults meal! He loved it and thought it was wonderful!


SOUTH WESTERN BURGER – £8.49 – Nana went for a chicken burger, which she said was very tasty.


CLASSIC HOT DOG – £8.99 – I went for a hot dog, I love these hot dogs!! The mustard had quite a kick to it but it was really tasty. A lot of my chips were undercooked and quite hard but the other plates of chips were ok, so I must of have had bad batch.


MIXED GRILL – £11.99 – Hubby really was looking forward to this! As you can see you get a nice amount on your plate however hubby felt that the portion sizes of each of the pieces were a little small. Although he really enjoyed it and tasted really nice.


We all really enjoyed our food and I think the cost was quite reasonable, for 6 of us including drinks it came to £59.96.

We would happily go back again, it is a great restaurant for families with the use of the soft play area and seafront fun right by.


* We were given £50 voucher to spend at Brewers Fayre, however all words are honest and of my own.



  1. This is a great review of Brewers Fayre. We are off to a local one at the weekend for a family fun day. We have not eaten there before and looking forward to trying out the menu #triedtested

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