We haven’t invested in any outdoor lights for our house yet, something we keep meaning to do in the Christmas sales ready for next year, but always forget once I have packed away Christmas for the year. So I wanted to make the outside of the house look a little more festive.

We had our windows all replaced recently, and I am so pleased with the finished result, this year I am quite happy to draw attention to them, previous years I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to look any closer at them!

Top Tip: Take your time to look around at what style you want, take a look at the options and added extras, as windows come in so many different designs, openings and materials. Companies like Quickslide will guide you through all the options to help you make a perfect choice.

Time to decorate them! 

When I was little I always use to make paper snowflakes, I remember sitting there with my scissors and creating so many different designs. Perfect, I can do this with my twin girls and we can hang them in the window.

We used Daddies expert folding skills (he works in printing!) to fold our paper up, however our paper seemed to be of too good quality and rather thick, so make sure you use thin paper as it makes it easier to fold, and then cut.

If like me and you completely forgot how to fold the paper into triangles, then follow this diagram on Pinterest

Once you have drawn on your design, cut around the edges to create your holes.

Their little hands did struggle with the thickness, but we got there, even if they were a bit rough around the edges!

There, we have a snowflake! The girls really enjoyed making these crafts, and to be honest they didn’t want to stop.

We were ready to hang them in our window now, I used some clear thread called monofilament thread that is strong enough to hang well but clear so it isn’t so obvious they were being hung. We have a little radiator under here so the heat makes them gently sway!

Daddy made the trees, I gave it a go, but mine were terrible, so I gave hubby the task……oh my gosh that man has talents I didn’t even know about!!! He did these amazing paper trees, with no template and they look fantastic! I’m no Pinterest Mum, but I think he might be a Pinterest Dad!!!

It is lovely when we come home now, as we are greeted by beautiful handmade snowflakes that we made together, and everyone can see them too!

Why don’t you have a go at these, they are so quick and easy and the kids will love creating them. You could hang them anywhere!

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  1. Aww we haven’t made snowflakes for ages! Great afternoon activity x

  2. Kerry Norris Reply

    My hubby does these every year but hangs them from the ceiling. They look much more effective in the window x

  3. Rosalie and I will be doing this this year! I love the Christmas trees at the bottom. I might have to try that too as they look fab xx

  4. Such a simple and lovely idea. I used to do these as a child. What we also did is use templates and make them out of snow spray.

  5. this looks so lovely (and i love your door wreath). The trees are a fab addition to set the scene. We had all our windows replaced a year or so ago and it was so worth it – the difference was amazing x

  6. Your snowflakes look amazing!

    I did these last year with the family. My little niece came up with the idea of adding a glitter border with pritstick and loose glitter. They looked amazing but I swear I was still vacuuming glitter out of the carpet months later!

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