The kids love going on holiday every year with their friends, they all have their own kids room and set themselves up for the weekend in their own rooms. So it’s great to have their own suitcase as it keeps all their things together. We’re always mixing up their suitcases though as they’re all the same!! 

Well not anymore! Trunki got in contact with us to see if the girls wanted to design their own Trunki suitcase! This is perfect for twins, or any siblings as it means they can have a suitcase that is completely theirs and will now be able to easily tell them apart! 

So they eagerly sat down at the computer with me to use the design tool on Trunki’s website. You won’t believe it but there are 1 billion possible combinations!! The girls could pick whatever design they wanted and all the colours they loved. 

I was quite surprised though as I knew they would pick two very different colour combinations but I didn’t think they would be so colour coordinated with their choices! I thought we would end up with a huge selection of different colours! 

As you can see there are 10 different areas on the Trunki to design and each of those has a selection of colours to pick from. The girls really enjoyed designing their Trunki’s and it was so nice for them to pick something they loved themselves. 

So this was their finished designs!

Trunki offers free delivery and the postage was quick and well packaged when it arrived. 

We visited the Cotswolds over Easter and they loved taking their Trunki’s with them. Please excuse my daughters sad looking faces!!! We had an accident just as we arrived at Barncastle so I didn’t take pictures of the Trunki’s when we arrived as we had to got to minor injuries, so I took the photos when we left…..bad idea they were sad to leave, tired and a bit grumpy! Never work with children and animals I say!

What I loved about the Trunki’s is how solid and well made they are, they’re perfect for sitting on as well which would be great in an airport when their waiting in the lines!

Even though they’re solid and well made, their light enough for them to be carried too with the carry handle. 

Or you have the option of being pulled along with the longer handle, remember all of these can be customized in colour too! 

They could take being pulled along by them, and the wheels are super smooth on a flat surface. They didn’t cope with the gravel which is expected and did fall over, but this is when you can carry them using the other handle. 

The carry handle also has a little key to be able to secure the Trunki too, which I think is a clever idea. 

The girls are really happy with their new Trunki’s, it stored all their clothes for the long weekend away and they instantly know who’s is who’s! 

*We were sent a Trunki for each for the purpose of this review




  1. Alexandra Cook Reply

    This looks so cute. My girls would be so happy to have this. I’l have to check this out now.

  2. A Trunki is on my list of things to get for my daughter when we go on a long holiday, this is fantastic! I didn’t even know you could design your own!

  3. I love Trunki’s. Such an awesome invention for little ones. Mine have had so much fun with them over the years x

  4. We’ve never had a Trunki, just normal boring suitcases. Is there anything that can’t now be personalised!!

  5. How super cute are these trunki, we definitely need them to be personalised as we almost always mix them up.

  6. Is it terrible that I want one for myself?! I’d go for turquoise with yellow and electric blue accents. You know, if pushed(!)

  7. We finally let our treasured Trunki’s go last year as mine are too old for them now but we were really sad to see them go, thankfully they have been given good homes and are travelling the world as I type 🙂 I love that you can design your own now. Such a fab idea x

  8. Trunki always remind me of my daughter, when she had a cow-themed one when she was 3 (9 years ago). She only decided to ride it down the stairs …

  9. Great to see Trucki is still going strong! Being able to design your own one is such a fantastic idea!

    • A brilliant idea isn’t it, there’s going to be some fantastic designs out there now!

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