I love anything personalised as I think it really creates a homely feeling to your home. You should fill your home with lots of things that you love and want to be surrounded by. So when Signomatic got in touch with me and wanted me to create a bespoke product from their range I happily took up their offer! 

But what shall I create?  I popped on my thinking cap and came up with the idea of a LED name sign and I just knew the right person for it. Tyler my 13 year old son. These types of products usually come with a pretty high price tag, personalised and with a light system installed too. I wanted it large enough to put up on the wall as a statement piece. So why not make one myself! 

Signomatic have a large range of different types of signs, from large name signs, small name signs and name badges. Also coming in a large range of materials. I picked acrylic to work with for my design as I knew it would look great with his name written on it and the lights coming out from behind the sign and through it. 

Signomatic have a very easy to use design system which you can change pretty much everything on it. Picking a size, colour, borders, text, adding in emoji’s and symbols even! So spend a while thinking about what you want your sign to look like. Each change gives you a preview. 

I used the following for Tylers design 

  • Size 750mm x 250mm 
  • Square Shape
  • Thin border in Gray Colour
  • White Background Colour 
  • Graduate Text Gray Colour
  • Standoff Fixing 

I was over the moon when it arrived,  Tyler was pretty excited for us to get it up on the wall quickly!

It was well packed when it arrived and prompt delivery service too. It came with the fixings to attach to the wall. We picked the standoff fixing so that it sat away from the wall allowing the battery pack and lights to sit behind it. 

I wanted to add a LED lighting system to it to really funk it up! It looks cool on its own, but it was going to look pretty funky lit up!

I picked a LED battery powered lighting system from Amazon. There was lots on there with different sizing and functions. I choose the battery-powered (no cables hanging down) remote-controlled so he doesn’t have to worry about getting access behind the sign, colour changing modes and 2m worth of length. Please note that these can be cut to length as well. 

We did use double sided sticky tape to stick on the battery pack which seems to be doing the job fine for this. Placed it and run it along the letter so you are less likely to see it through the sign.

We did however have to stick the cable down with super glue as the sticky back it came with wasn’t strong enough. 

I did want to run the cable along the border line so it was a bit more hidden but the drill holes went over into the border so I wasn’t able to do this. 

So that’s it! Up on his wall looking fantastic. We are really pleased with this and it’s pretty cool

It is colour changing as well which is even better, pick a colour for which mood you’re in! 

He loves lighting his room up with his own personalised LED name sign!

*Commissioned Post – However all words are honest and of my own



  1. That’s lovely and it’s looks great hanging on the wall, lucky Tyler! I do like your wallpaper too.

  2. This is so cool for a kids bedroom. I didn’t know you could get personalised signs like this. I love that it changes colour too. How magical!

  3. This is great! I love your design, and it’s so nice to see something so decorative that can be customised for an older boys room. There seems to be so much more for girls!

    • Ah glad you like it, yes sometimes my son gets left out as there is lots of things for my twins girls. So it’s nice to be able to create something for him too

  4. This is so funky and perfect for you teen. Our little lady had a kit to make herself for her birthday (pink neon) and she chose to do her name and she loves it

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