Who had a lovely half term last week? We had a pretty chilled out one really as we had Kev’s Mum down from Wiltshire to stay, so we headed out for some walks and made the most of the dry weather! 

Over the school holidays, I do like to do a bit of a mix of chilled out time and getting out and about. I think the kids need to have a wind down ready for the next term, and they’ve been a bit poorly over the past term too. We have a dog who needs walking still so I do tend to head off out in the mornings for our walks and then come home and the kids can do what they want around the house. 

DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders

The twins were very happy though as they were sent a brand new game to play on the XBox, so this was something they enjoyed doing in the afternoons. 

Have you seen the new How To Train Your Dragon film yet? We haven’t yet but it’s on the list of films to see! 

DreamWorks has released a new game called Dragons Dawn Of New Riders which tells a brand new story in the Dragons universe, I mean what child isn’t going to love flying around on a dragon!? With the well-known characters from the film, such as Hiccup and Toothless they instantly wanted to play this game. 

It’s packed full of fun things for the children to play, from solving puzzles, battles, and exploring the island. Aimed at 5-12 year olds my girls are right in the middle, aged 9 years old they really got into this game. There is also a call for help button which is a great idea for this age group. 

I think the best two people to tell you what they think is Lily and Sofia. They’ve written this themselves! 

Lilys Review Of Dragons Dawn of New Riders

I think the game was awesome!! It has lots of different adventures on different islands. My favourite part so far was Flying a dragon! It’s a fun enjoyable and based on The Film How to train your dragon the hidden world.  I really enjoyed all the Surprises and secrets so far! It’s a good game to do when you’ve justs came back from a walk and just want a rest. If you love how to train your dragon films and books your LOVE this game! I think the creators have done a really GOOD job I loved it!!!

Sofias Review Of Dragons Dawn of New Riders

I really like this game. It’s packed full of adventure and fun. My favourite part of the game is when you do the boss fights and when u got to fly patch. I would rate these game five stars! If you love how to train your dragon books and films your love this game. I like how it doesn’t put you back to the start of the islands with no way to get back where you where before you left the island, if it didn’t then I would get really annoyed because if wanted to go upgrade my equipment when I got back to the island then I would have to fight all the dragons and trappers again when I was trying to get back to where I was before.

I would say that is a big thumbs up from these two! Now the competition just comes in who can get further along in the game and beat each other! Luckily there is saved modes where they can each save off their own game ready for next time. 

What Platform? 

You can purchase through Amazon from Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox at various prices. 

*We received this game for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are honest and of my own. 



  1. My brothers would have loved this when they were kids! I don’t have children myself, but will share this post with a few of my friends who do. I am sure they’ll find it very useful x

  2. My two were deprived of their consoles over half term as we went ‘off grid’ in a campervan! They’ve been catching up on lost time ever since! I think this game will on their list

    • hehe! I am sure they loved being off grid, good for the brain to have a rest from it all

  3. This looks like a great game! My two are just getting into train your dragon and so I think my eldest would love this. Great it’s avalaible across multiple platforms too.

    • Yes my girls really love how to train your dragon film, so they were very excited to play this one!

  4. Oh this looks like fun! Mine are still a little young for computer games although they have started asking for a turn on my eldests!

  5. Sounds like they both absolutely love the game – going to be interesting to see who will be able to get further along!

    • They have a older brother who is very into his gaming, cute when they ask for his help!

  6. It sounds like an awesome game and I know my two kids would love to give it a go. I like how it saves how far you get as well – a win-win!

    • That was one of their first questions if they could have their own saved section! Didn’t want to work together to complete it!!!

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