This post is all about Flowers That Encourages Wildlife into your garden. All of them are tried and tested flowers that have been in my garden and I have seen how well the wildlife love them. Help the wildlife and they will reward you with beautiful flowers in your own garden. 

The thing I love most about having a garden is including flowers in the garden that encourages wildlife. What better way to help the world we live in by adding food for our insects and wildlife that keeps us fed and looking beautiful. Without the insects and wildlife, we wouldn’t get our fresh food and vegetables. So I’m pretty grateful to them, and whilst I’m helping them it makes a beautiful space for us to enjoy together. 

I used to panic so much about bees and bugs, but being out in the garden with them I’ve learned they don’t care about us, they just want to get on with their own survival! They don’t care about me, as long as I just leave them to their own business. 

Wasps on the other hand I’ve not quite got happy to be alongside yet! They have a part to play in the life circle, but I would prefer them not to be quite as grumpy and stingy if they could help it!! 

Flowers That Encourages Wildlife

So I thought I would bring together some flowers that encourage wildlife, these are all ones I have in my garden, and see the wildlife enjoying them. They also look pretty too! 

Sanguisorba Pink Elephant

This is a new one for me this year, and wow I have loved it. This was only a small plant when I purchased it, and it’s grown so much in such a short time. Once it was at the flowering stage these amazing pink flowers that look like feather bowers opened out and you could smell the scent of them whilst walking past. 

The mornings were best for the bees, I would put the washing out in the morning and nearly every flower would have a bee on them and the hum of bees was amazing. They really loved this and I hope it grows back even better next year. 

Clematis Montana 

We inherited this Clematis Montana and it’s been moved from its original place once already too. It’s so hardy and has been cut right back over the years and it just comes back happily again. It’s a large climber so make sure you find somewhere that it can happily climb over. It will go wild if it’s happy! 

What  I love most is it’s an early flower, Clematis come in three different groups, you need to know which one is yours so you can look after it well and make sure you don’t lose the flowers for the next year. These stunning flowers grow in Springtime, just as the other plants are starting to emerge. This is why these are great  Flowers That Encourages Wildlife as they are ready for the bees when lots of other flowers aren’t ready yet.  


Buddleias have a huge amount of Flowers That Encourages Wildlife and it grows really easily and is really large if you want to it as well. Meaning it’s covered in flowers that the wildlife will love. It can handle having a good chop and will grow really well again. If you keep pruning back the flowers when they die off, it will grow new ones. Meaning you have a constant stream of flowers over the summer. You can see in this photo of the little flowers waiting! 

Passion Flowers 

Another well-loved plant that has an abundance of Flowers That Encourages Wildlife is a Passion Flower. This is another climbing plant and we have it on our patio area and use it as screening too. 

We can sit at the patio hearing all the bees buzzing around in the flowers doing their own thing. The flowers open up to a large flower with a shot of purple, you can see the bees walking all around the flower getting the pollen on them! Get this plant in the right place and it will come back year after year, and grow very well. Again make sure it has a good place to climb all over. 


These are loved by the bees, grown from bulbs you can plant these in the ground or pots. They love to be contained, so pots are great for this. They should also multiply year after year, so you can get more and more each year. They grow up tall with a large ball of flowers on the top, the bees are always in here. 


These are a bit like buddleia but on a smaller scale, butterflies and bees will cover this flower. With long stems with purple flowers at the top, they have lots of flowers to go on. This will also come back year after year and produce more and more flowers. 


An easy-to-grow plant that will double in size very easily, but it also flowers much later into the year. So the bees still have some more flowers to feed on when the other ones are starting to die off. They come in a range of colours, and will come back each year. 


A very early flower that the bees go mad for. They have tall flowers that are like little tubes, the bees will go right inside these flowers and can do it to everyone. They come in a range of different colours, and self-seed. They don’t flower the first year, so stick with them when you see them in the garden, as they will reward you next year with some stunning flowers right when you need them. 


Peonies have very beautiful flowers but are expensive and slow to grow. We inherited some in our garden so we’ve been very lucky. The little insects love to hide in these flowers, so it gives them a perfect house, so another plant that has Flowers That Encourages Wildlife. 


These are fantastic self-seeders and will explode the seeds all over the soil ready for next year, the pods are pretty as well once they’ve dried out. Poppies come in different versions and colours, this one is a teddy bear type poppy, but they come in open petaled ones too. So easy to start off with some seeds and just scatter them on the flower beds and they will sort themselves out after that. 


Roses are great flowers, but they are also prone to getting aphids and bugs on them. But birds will love you for that, they will happily come and eat them off the roses for you. They are happy as it’s some insect food, but it also helps keep your roses healthy.

Stachys Byzantina / Lamb’s Ear 

This is another great self-seeder that will spread lovely. They are pretty easy to keep, trim back in the spring and let the purple flowers grow ready for the bees. It’s also a great ground cover, so will be a good home for bugs and insects. It also feels lovely to touch, my kids love this one as it feels like Lamb’s ears! 

Verbena Bonariensis

A Verbena is a tall purple flower that is great in flower beds. It will grow really tall and if you have it in between all the other flowers it gives the flower bed some height. It also is loved by Bees! It will self-seed again when the flower heads dry out, so be prepared to have more next year! 

I hope you liked these suggestions of Flowers That Encourages Wildlife in your garden and you can look at adding some of these to your garden this year. You will be gurranteed a reward of more wildlife into your garden. This is super important, so help them out and have a beautiful garden at the same time. 

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  1. I love watching wildlife in my garden from the variety of birds, to squirrels and the bees and butterflies as well. It is great that you can encourage the wildlife

    • It’s lovely isn’t it, we’re adding a new area to the garden and I’m going to fill it with lots of wildlife flowers and encourage the wildlife even more

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