The Fuzzikins Campervan is a lovely addition to the Fuzzikins range, the cute little fuzzy animals that can encourage imaginative and creative play. Being able to colour in and customise your very own toy to your own design! And what better mode of transport for them than a campervan! 

The Fuzzikins Campervan comes with two cats, surf board, blanket,pens, instructions and stickers to colour in. 

We’ve never owned a Fuzzikin before, so Lily was super keen to get it unboxed and see just  how cute they were. As soon as she opened up the box she grabbed the Fuzzikin cat and cuddled it up! They are so soft 

What is even better is that the Fuzzikins are able to be coloured in! The Fuzzikins Campervan set comes with pens to use and she loved the freedom to be able to create her own cat design. There isn’t many toys that they’re allowed to draw on is there!

Best of all they are washable so they can keep on creating new designs on their Fuzzikins. 

The Fuzzikins Campervan also comes with a set of stickers which can be coloured in and stuck on the campervan to customise to your own design. 

Once you’ve finished pack them away inside ready for their adventures, clip the campervan together and pop on the surfboard and it can be now used as a carry case too. 

Lily really enjoyed the Fuzzikins Campervan and got her creative and imaginative play going. Priced at around £19.99 I think it is quite good value. 

*We were sent this for the purpose of the review. However all opinions are honest and of my own. Post contains affiliate links 



  1. I’ve not come across those before. I love how they can colour and design them. It’s also great that everything fits in the campervan to be tidied away. We are forever loosing bits of toys so the fact it all goes together is great x

    • I love the cute little pods for the pens for this, great ideas as you need to use these pens. Keeps it all together

  2. I love that the kids can personalize their campervans! And if the stickers are washable, they can do it over, and over again. A great toy x

    • Oh I think the little cat is only washable but pretty cool you can wash him over and over isn’t it. Thanks

    • Yes have to start thinking about Christmas now, I have purchased a few presents…..!

  3. That’s a great toy which is very reasonably priced. It’s true too that not many toys can be coloured om. And none that can be washed ready for a new creation!

    • Yes it’s a very good price isn’t it, mine loved picked their own stickers and colours

    • Yes there was so many to choose from as well, you could cover the campervan in them!

  4. I am so loving this and know my goddaughter would too, love what it comes with and the colour/design is pretty cool

    • Brilliant idea to have them being able to be coloured in isn’t it, make a great gift

  5. lynne callaghan Reply

    I want it never mind my girls!Never heard of Fuzzikins before but they have a great range

  6. Ohhh this is so sweet! My daughter would absolutely love this. One to add to the Christmas list I think. I love that you can colour on them as well. What a fun little toy. x

  7. This is totally adorable, my daughter used to love toys like this when she was younger. She’s far too cool to do anything like this nowadays though being a grown up 11 years old 😉

    • Yes I miss the days when my son would play with little toys too, hes now 14 and totally not interested!

  8. Oh! They’re deadly. We have a few fuzzikins but never saw the capmervan pack. They are taken out and played with regularly in this house.

    • Yes I love that they can make them whatever colours they want, multicoloured if they want!

  9. Aww we have this Fuzzikins Campervan and my eldest daughter loves it! The fact she can draw all over the cats and then take them on adventures is a winner 🙂

    • Being able to draw on a toy is a brilliant idea for them isn’t it, they can make the cat whatever colours they want!

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