We are starting to make some improvements to our garden, I want to create a room outside for us, an extension to the house that we can all spread out into. Our house isn’t the biggest for a family of 5 but we have a nice sized garden, so why not try to make the most of it.

I want to encourage the children to get outside, relax and read their books, do their homework, play and explore nature. Take a love for the outside and help it grow too.

When it comes to designing a garden space there is so much to think about, you need seating area to sit, but you have to decide if you want seating that you can sit at a table and eat, or if you want a sofa style seating area. Once you’ve decided, then need to decide what is it going to be made out of, wood, rattan or metal?

Do you want areas to store a BBQ in and cook from? We are looking at creating a little outdoor kitchen to store our new BBQ. Do you need storage, and if so where are you going to put it and what is going to go in it? Do you have children, and need an area for them to play in? We have a large climbing frame with a slide and swings, this works well as it is a fenced off area as they have their own space and I can fill it with all their toys!

Then you need to think about flowers, what types, where they are going to go and your colour scheme….! It’s never ending, however once it is done it will be a perfect space for us and I know everyone is going to use it.

Furniture Village are running a competition on their website for your chance to win a Monte Carlo Pod Chair worth £1,395, it would be amazing to curl up in and read a book, whilst the children play. I think I would claim it as mine…..although I think the kids would be in it as soon as I got out!

They have also put together a Garden Style Quiz to help you figure out what garden style would suit you, mine came out as a family garden but I would like to add a bit of a modern garden features to mine too.

Which one are you? Once you know head over to enter the competition to be in with a chance of winning the funky pod chair.

Garden Quiz

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  1. I would definitely claim that pod chair for myself too – it’s awesome. 🙂 I took the quiz and mine came out as ‘modern garden’.

    We’re trying to do our garden up at the mo but it’s slow progress. We’ve got new fence panels coming next month and I think it will make a huge difference as our current ones are so tatty and old.

  2. So my style is the “family garden” which is pretty darn accurate to be honest. We have an extendable table for alfresco dining over the summer months and a storage basket that we hide all the toys away in at the end of the day. I love the suggestion of planting sunflowers with the boys, that’s actually on my bucket list of things to do with them as they are both green-fingered! xx

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