Thank you to everyone who linked up with my linky last month. Nice to see returning faces as well as a new one. It means a lot to have people support my new linky and read everyone’s lovely stories. 

My GetMooreFromLife this month

My moment this month was seeing my kids in the snow. Seeing their faces when the snow kept falling and falling and laying on the ground! Watching them running through it without a care in the world. I adore this photo of my twin girls as well. 

Then saying to them to throw a snowball at my camera!! They didn’t believe me at first!

Featured GetMooreFromLife 

So onto this months featured post I picked was The Baby Boat Diaries and her journey of Alopecia. It was really brave, honest and informative post on her journey with Alopecia. I love how positive and beautiful she looks with hair, without hair, with a wig on or a scarf. Her positive attitude shines through. Thank You for sharing with me and a great post for Getting Moore From Life 

Featured Instagram GetMooreFromLife

Please head over and join in over on Instagram to by using the hashtag #GetMooreFromLife on any of your photos that you feel fit and following me on Instagram – It’s pretty quiet but I would love it to gain some more traction on it and see everyone’s lovely images. 

I am picking Life At Cooks Cabin for this months featured Instagram photo. I love how she adores her husband and appreciate the little things he does for her and her little girl. It was a lovely picture too

Get Moore From Life isn’t just about being outside together, it is about time, moments, things you love in life that make life just that little bit more special. 

I wanted to create a linky that we could use to celebrate that. Celebrate those little moments in our lives that we think are special and we ‘Get Moore From Life’  from.  So a few questions answered for you, and then I hope you would love to join in with me at the bottom. 

How To Link Up With GetMooreFromLife 

  • Videos from YouTube/OLD or NEW Blog Posts 
  • Subjects could be exploring with kids, exploring without kids, things you’ve purchased, moments in life, things within the home, family time, outdoor fun, this linky is for you to take your spin on it. 
  • Comment on minimum 2 other links in the linky
  • Tweet to say you have joined in, I will tweet your blog posts with my followers throughout the month. Make sure you include my twitter handle @RenovationBB & #GetMooreFromLife so I know you have tweeted. 
  • Add the #GetMooreFromLife badge to the bottom of your blog post so your readers can see and join in if they wish too 
  • I will pick a featured blogger at the start of each month and feature their post they linked up with a link to their blog. 
  • This will run for 3 weeks and feel free to link up maximum 3 blog posts, but please do join in with more commenting too.  

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  1. Ah I’ve just read this and seen your feature! I’m hoping to link up soon in amongst the madness of the months xx

  2. I love those photos of you family in the snow, such lovely memories! Alopecia must be such a different thing to go through, but I love how brave and inspiring The Baby Boat Diaries is. She looks absolutely stunning and will be such a beacon of inspiration for other people who suffer with alopecia.

  3. I love the photo of the kids in the snow, I absolutely loved the snow but couldn’t wait for it to go after a couple of days. Totally ready for Spring now!

    Ami xxx

  4. That snow photo is still my fave! Going to link up after our trip to St. Andrew’s Aquarium this weekend! Thank you for this linky. Family travel/little moments need to be highlighted more often.

    • Oh thank you, would love to have you link up and I look forward to reading your post.

  5. That’s a great idea for a photo. I think mine would be surprised too if I asked them to do that. Bet the kids are having a great time in the snow x

    • Yes they loved doing it!!! I might regret it if they try it again with something else!!!!

  6. We live in Florida so seeing snow is a rarity – we went to NYC in December this year and my 5-year old was SO excited to see the snow! He was so happy, and watching him play in it was amazing!

    • Yes it’s so nice for them to experience it isn’t it, they can have so much fun in it!

  7. Love this hashtag and linky theme – I must remember to stop and enjoy the moment more when I am out with the kids and take some more photos!

    • So easy to concentrate on making sure everyone is heading the right direction and things are going right!

  8. This is a fab linky!
    I adore the baby boat diaries and think she is so brave for sharing her story

  9. I just adore the snowball picture, I have a couple of good ones with snowball throwing too

  10. Love the Linky title I’ll make sure i use the hashtag on some of my Insta posts.

    Love your pic of the snowballs being thrown at the camera. It seems such a long time ago that we had the snow, it feels as though it’s be raining forever.

    • I know what you mean roll on spring please! I would love it if you could link up on Instagram too, thanks!

    • Or very silly!!! Although I would have been impressed if they had managed to hit it (would have been a good throw!!)

  11. Beautiful feature post and IG photo 🙂 I think you have managed some lovely snow photos of your gang too to keep as memories of all the snow you had. I need to link up again now!xx

    • Thank you, I am very pleased with my snowy photos. The girl will be nearly 14 if we have to wait another 5 years for snow!!! Thank you

  12. What a great linky I’ll definitely be joining up! As well as running my own linky I’ve been joining in with other linkys this year a lot more.

  13. Ohh what a fabulous idea for a linky. I’ll have to remember to pop back later to add a link. (I’ve made a note!)

    That photo of your girls is lovely. And a good choice with Siobhan – she is so so strong! 😀

    • Thank you, I would love to have you join in. It’s a favourite of my girls, I think I need it printed for sure.

  14. Such gorgeous images! It’s true, the country falls apart when it snows, we are just not prepared for it at all! Still, means walks are always amazing! Sim x

    • It was so nice to have a walk in the snow, but I was happy when it all melted and we could get back to normal!

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