OK I am now that Mum, the Mum who now has a child who is aware of the clothing he is wearing, and what brand name is written on them! I wondered when or IF this day would happen, but it has. Tyler is in his 2nd year of secondary school, and has slowly started to mention that he would prefer to have a few more items of clothing which are branded. He is really sweet about it though, as he knows that this usually means it is going to cost more money to buy these items.


So when I was given the chance to create an outfit for under £50 with Get The Label, I know this little chap would be happy! However I wasn’t sure how much he would get for his £50.


However after looking around Get The Label I was really surprised at how much we got, trousers, t-shirt, trainers and a cap. All are great brands too. For your reference to sizing, Tyler is 12.5yrs old, but is small for his age.


A grey Bench T-Shirt, which is great quality and really soft to wear, in size 11-12 but with plenty of room left £6.39


Grey Firetrap jeans, adjustable waist which is a must for Tyler, pockets and a soft denim, size 10-11 and length in the leg £10.39


Adidas grey lace up trainers come in a wide range of sizes £24.99


Tyler also wanted a cap to wear, this adidas one is also SPF 50+ as well so will be great for the summer, I think Tyler feels a bit more cool wearing this than a wooly hat! £7.99


Overall I was so impressed by the quality and the prices of Get The Label clothing, I will be back shopping there again as I am sure he will be after some more clothing!


* I was given these clothes for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and of my own



  1. Kerry Norris Reply

    I’ve never heard of get the label. Those prices are really good for the labels. Love the photos. He makes a fab model x

  2. The London Mum Reply

    He looks so smart and handsome in the clothing! Great picks!

  3. Gorgeous photos…he looks super stylish! I’m a HUGE fan of Get The Label already actually, you can pick up some fantastic designer items at bargain prices! xx

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