I wanted to make something for hubby’s Mum for her birthday, she really appreciates the effort that goes into making something for her.

She has lots of earrings but no special place for them.

So a handmade earring holder is a great gift for her.


I picked up a frame from Dunelm Mill and removed the backing.

Measured how much lace I needed and purchased that from Hobby Craft


Turn over the frame, add some very strong glue or use a glue gun and run a line of glue along the edging where you will attach your lace.

Make sure you place the lace the right way around so you can see the back of the lace.

With a sharp knife cut the lace to the correct length, make sure the lace has been pulled tight.

I overlapped the lace on each row so that there wasn’t any gaps.


Leave the glue to harden and dry then turn over and there is your finished earring holder!


We purchased some earrings to attach to the earring holder, so she knew what it was when she opened it!


She was very pleased with it and it is sat on her dressing table full of earrings.

You could attach a nice ribbon in the same way if you wanted to make it hang.



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