I love finding new places that are local to us, and a couple of people had mentioned Holly Hill Play Area next to the Holly Hill Leisure Centre. The girls have their swimming lessons here each week but we hadn’t paid it much attention! 

Sometimes it’s nice just to pop somewhere that is local to you and let the kids run around. Most of our dog walks end up being somewhere muddy but Holly Hill Play Area isn’t muddy at all and has rubber flooring areas and paths added to it. 

It’s easy to find as it is right next to the Holly Hill Leisure Centre, which is right opposite Holly Hill where we visited a few months ago. You could combine both and have a woodland walk first and a play in the park after.

Plenty of parking and a large open field, which Gus the dog ran around. However they have left the park open with no railings and gates to stop dogs running in. So be aware of this if you have a dog with you.

Also little ones beings able to run out easily with no gated entrance 

There are quite a few different things for them to do in the park, with a smaller kids area and larger kids. Musical items to hit, puzzles to solve and plenty to climb on for all ages. 

I love how they have used a lot of natural products in this play area, with even the main sculpture being a tree…….now is that his roots on the top of his head?! 

I don’t think any park is good without a zipline installed!! 

Nice big climbing frame to give them a challenge, with a fast slide down! 

This rope swing is a lot smaller than the one they usually play on at Manor Farm however still good fun. 

This sew saw kept them busy for quite a while, think it is great that it is a standing up one instead. 

You can see the openness of this field here, mine are fine now, but you have to keep your eyes on the little ones. I think when my twins were younger I would have struggled to bring them here. I love a park that they can be free to run around in, however I can stay by the gate to stop any runners!!  

If your local have you visited Holly Hill Park, or even knew it was there? 

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  1. What a gorgeous play park. I wish we had something as good as this near us. I love all the musical parts of it and the wooden faces are so cute!! x

    • Thank you, we loved the musical parts too, different to the other parks with that added.

  2. This looks like a great place to go and get some fresh air as a whole family. The park looks brilliant for keeping the kids entertained!

    • The kids all loved it, even the older one who needs more than a simple park now

  3. Justine Robson Reply

    Unfortunately, not local to me, but it looks amazing.

  4. I love finding new parks to play in and am starting to look farther afiield now as a good park is well worth travelling to

    • I think they are building more around too, realise it’s great for kids to have a decent play area to play in

  5. I love a good play area! Even now as an adult if i’m there with the kids i’ll climb on a few things lol

  6. Yes our twins would probably run in different directions as well, enclosed areas are easier when they are young. Seems strange you had not been in there before but bet you will be back again soon.
    Great with so much to do to suit all ages, abilities, and interests.
    Like the idea of the time capsules, and hope some of the children stay in the area to be around to see them opened in the future. .

    • Yes won’t it be exciting to open the time capsule in the future….wonder what life will be like then.

  7. What a well thought out park and so much space all around. I know what you mean about worrying with little ones, when all my 6 were young this would have been a nightmare on my own but with older kids it looks amazing. Great to see nature combined with the play equipment, some lovely touches there. A real gem to have locally.

    Thank you for sharing with me on the 1st #Countrykids of 2018

    • Happy New Year Fiona! Yes it is nice to see the park wooden and not metal isn’t it.

  8. Haha I agree! The perfect park to me is one with a zipline, it gives me memories of going to my local park as a kid and having a whizz on the zipline!

    • So many parks have them which is great as all the kids love them. Thank you

    • I’m sure the weather was a tiny window of brightness! Yes it is unusual to get musical instruments in the play area so that did go down well with the kids

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