Houghton Lodge and Gardens is set in the beautiful countryside of Stockbridge, Hampshire. It is a little piece of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of busy life.

Me and hubby were able to take a visit to here this week. Hubby had taken a couple of days off work, the kids were at school and my friend bought me afternoon tea for my birthday back in August.

We were so lucky, the weather was stunning and a perfect day for wandering around the gardens.


This cute little bench was a perfect spot for us to sit down and enjoy the peace of no one talking to us constantly and being able to chat to each other without being interrupted.


The river was so relaxing, there were a couple of fisherman if this is something you are into.

houghton-lodge-10 houghton-lodge-15

Metal sculptures in box topiary gardens


Walled gardens with little paths running through


Little benches hidden away in different places


A friendly dragon…….!


Lots and lots of beautiful flowers


Some close ups!

houghton-lodge-4 houghton-lodge-16

A very large Dovecot


This beautiful boy came with us, dogs are welcome on short leads.


They have some friendly alpacas that you can walk through their field with!


Then of course it was the yummy bit! Afternoon tea, Daisy’s of Houghton is a wonderful tea room, you can just turn up to eat at and not go around the gardens. If you are doing this it is a lovely spot to sit in, very chilled and peaceful.


As I said I had afternoon purchased for me, so we sat down with our tea in the peace and enjoyed some very yummy cake!


We had a lovely couple of hours together at Houghton Lodge and Gardens.



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