I don’t have a very good track record of caring for houseplants in my home, I had one houseplant that survived years with me  but suddenly one day it just started going down hill and never recovered. I was gutted and it put me off having houseplants again because each one since has died. However houseplants are becoming more popular again, they brighten up a room, and make it feel alive. 
So I think in 2018 I should try again with a new houseplant, I just need to find a good spot for one and look after it! 
Andy Baxter, managing director of Internet Gardener has sent me through some tips on how to care for houseplants and I thought I would share them with you guys, because if you’re anything like me you will need them!!  

How To Care For Houseplants 

 “The top 5 tips we would offer for those looking to keep their houseplants healthy and happy are the following:


Pick varieties that work for your house and most importantly, your schedule. Many people want flowering plants in their home, but most flowers require specific amounts of sunlight, water, and attention, any variation of this can result in no blossoms.

Follow Plants Instructions  

Be sure to research any special instructions for the plants you choose and try to match varieties that need similar sunlight, water and care. Try low-light varieties of plants as they are also a great easy option for the house, requiring little water and they don’t typically need to be re-potted. 
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Low Maintenance  

For an easy low-maintenance plant, try succulents, they only need a little bit of water when the soil is completely dry and even less in winter. In terms of re-potting plants, most foliage-type plants don’t like being moved, so they’re perfect to be kept in the same pot forever.
*Lene Bjerre Flora Succulent – Sweetpea & Willow 

Room To Grow 

One great tip is to ensure any plants you add to your home have a pot they can grow into and be sure to adequately drain the soil to prevent rot.

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Dust Them!

To be an expert in looking after houseplants, there is one thing many owners often overlook and that’s dust. Plants need to be dusted every 2-3 days minimum. It’s important to dust often because particles can start to cake on waxy leaves after even a week and make it difficult for the plant to breathe and absorb light.

Don’t Panic 

Most houseplants are resilient, and even after a month or two of poor maintenance, they will typically recover under the proper care.”
Tips from Andy Baxter, managing director of Internet Gardener 

Go Faux! 

If all fails and you really struggle with caring for houseplants, then just go faux! There are some great ones out there and I have included a couple in my round up as I think they look amazing for a faux houseplant!  

*Faux Staghorn – Audenza 

Some Of My Favorite Houseplants 

Houseplants, here is a few easy tips on how to care for houseplants. Houseplants can brighten your home, make it feel alive, bring in colour. If your looking for houseplants that are easy to care for, succulents, large houseplants or small see my favourite onesSky PlanterSpring Bulb Hanging Jar – Yucca PlantSucculent In Ceramic Pot – Mini GreenhousePersonalised Windowsil Herb Planter KitFaux Zebra GrassHydrangea WreathFaux Staghorn




  1. I haven’t got a very good track record with houseplants either. I always forget to water them #oops

  2. What fab tips, thank you, so helpful. I’m very guilty of letting a lot of my plants die.

    Ami xxx

  3. I needed this! I seem to have a black thumb and I am terrible at anything growing or staying alive in my house! I need to look for lower maintenance plants it seems

  4. I’m rubbish at keeping plants alive. I love succulents though as like u said they are low maintenance so at least I’d keep them alive.

    • Even my poor succulent is being neglected at the moment, it’s hidden under my paper work currently…..I must rescue it!

  5. This was so helpful – I literally can;’t keep a house plant alive! It’s a running joke amongst our family!

  6. I had a bonsai tree called Bob when I was 25. I’m not 25 anymore, and neither is Bob. My father has left some kind of plant in our living room, but I’ve recently been informed he’s taking it back. :/

  7. Well I never knew about dusting plants. Maybe that’s why mine always suffer. I have only ever managed to keep some orchid plants going over the years!

    • I never knew either, however I think I remember my Mum dusting her!! Always thought it was funny but theres a reason!

  8. I need to find some dark loving ones. They do ok, but round about february time they get completely feed up with the lack of light and decide to die just before the rooms start getting light again!!

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