One day me and my husband would love to do a road trip around America, specifically California. I have seen the Highway One Classic road trip that runs along the stunning coast line of California. It begins at San Diego, a beautiful waterfront city filled with so many sights and things to do. Carry along the coast stopping off at beaches, celeb filled Los Angeles and after 10 stops later it finishes off in San Francisco.  Wouldn’t that be the greatest of fun! 

If I could pretend to be one of the celebrities for a week I would book myself into the most stunning luxury retreat to chill out before starting our road trip. Spending a few days relaxing in beach rentals in San Diego swimming in the outdoor pool, cooking dinner on the BBQ, sun bathing on the lounger and just relaxing before the fun starts.

OK Steph stop dreaming and wake up! 

Well this isn’t going to happen anytime soon whilst the kids are young so maybe I will just have to plan my luxury retreat in my own back garden! 

We gave our garden a large makeover last year but we hadn’t yet filled it with furniture and places to relax. So after seeing these luxury villas and having my little dream I thought I would put some ideas together to replicate that in my own garden. 


Seating Areas 

Seating seems to be a very big thing in a luxury garden. That’s because it’s made for you to relax and chill out. Grabbing a book, magazine or a drink and just chilling. Enjoying the sunshine, friends over or just the peace and quiet of being on your own. 

Sofa – Einrichten-design

Having a sofa is perfect for when you have friends over, as you are all able to sit around and chat together. Placing a coffee table for drinks of course! 

Dining Table and Chairs – Wyevale Garden Centres

Eating outside is one of the things I love doing when we’re on holiday. So I love to do this as much as I can at home too. It’s so easy to stick the telly on in the evenings at home and zone out. Eating together outside gives you a perfect opportunity to chat and eat together in the fresh air. Just look how comfy those chairs are too. 

Bean Bags – Dash and Albert Europe

The kids love sitting on bean bags inside, I would love it if they could grab a book when coming home from school and relax on the bean bags outside. These are also perfect for when you have extra guests over and need that occasional seating. 

Hanging Chairs – Go Modern

These look so much fun, imagine swinging away in one of these tucked away in the corner of the garden. I would have it in the most prettiest quietest place of the garden where I wouldn’t get disturbed (as much!)  Although being able to curl up in this hanging egg chair, I am sure I would fall asleep pretty quickly!  

Sun Loungers – The Garden Furniture Centre

You can’t have a luxury garden retreat without one of these. Sitting outside with your feet up, the sun beaming down on you and a glass in one hand! Also having a lounger that is large enough for one of my little monkeys to be able to come and curl up with me too. 


Outside cooking is another lovely outdoor activity to do in the summer and on holiday. So why not bring it home too. Being stuck in a hot kitchen is the last thing you want to be doing. By bringing the cooking outside you can still be involved with the hustle and bustle of life going on outside. Anything that means you are getting some fresh air is the best way. 

Outdoor Kitchen – Chaplins Furniture

You could opt for a gas style BBQ which is quick and easy to set up. Doesn’t take up much room and can cook the food pretty quickly. Or if you love the taste of food cooked over charcoal and lighting your own fire to cook your food then pick a large charcoal BBQ. 

If you fancy pushing the boat out and have the space in your garden. Then pick an outdoor kitchen, it will have everything you need and want. Worktop space, washing up space, storage and cooking space all in one! 

Protection From Sunshine 

Parasol – Go Modern 

As much as it is lovely being outside as much as possible. You must always stay as protected from the sun as possible. Keeping up with sun cream, light weight clothing and making sure you have plenty of shade. There are so many amazing parasols out there now that come in all sorts of colours, fabrics, sizes and amazing tassel ones too! 


Wall Lights – The Farthing

Lighting can make a space. Good lighting choices make rooms stand out, so why not make sure you are taking that outside as well. Your outside space then can be used as another room in the evenings too as well as the daytime. Pop up lighting on the house walls, string fairy lights around the trees, or have lighting installed into brick walls to create different levels of lighting. 


Using Large Planters – AUDENZA

Of course your outside so don’t forget you need to add in plants. Bringing in colour, textures and smells into a garden is a must have. I never thought I would be into my plants, but I love being able to watch them all grow. Knowing I planted those and I made them grow. You can then lay there taking pleasure from seeing those flowers coming to life throughout the year, and year after year. 

I hope this gave you some ideas on what to bring into your garden to create a luxury retreat in your garden. One day we may get on our road trip and enjoy chilling in those villas. 

*Commissioned Post 



  1. We had a patio area done a couple of years ago and I love sitting out in the garden. There is still so much I want to do to it though

  2. Love the idea of bringing the inside out, that sofa and outdoor kitchen are brilliant! Just wish I had the space 🙂

  3. Oh I’ve done Highway 101 and it really is worth the trip – absolutely gorgeous! And now I’m thinking that outdoor kitchen would be pretty amazing – I love eating outdoors during the warmer months 🙂 xx

  4. I love this idea. I’m hoping to do the same in our garden this summer. After last year’s makeover we’re ready for phase 2 of transforming the decking into an outdoor living room. We’re not going as far as an outdoor kitchen as it’s not worth it with our British weather but I want to make it as easy as possible for us to enjoy the space. We’ll be looking at lights, beanbags, and sun protection for sure.

    • Oh yes that sounds lovely, nice to get outside in the fresh air but still being at home

  5. Some lovely things here for a sophisticated grown-up garden space. I love them all. I also love San Diego – and it would be a lovely starting off point for that trip! x

  6. Oh how I wish I had a garden to create such a lovely retreat in! Nothing better than reclining in your own private space on a nice, warm sunny day.. I wonder how long it’ll be before the weather turns warm enough for you to do so? x

  7. You know, we are the same! A road trip would be ace – we did have a mini one last year but a few months would be amazing. Great idea for the garden. I can’t wait to see yours! X

    • Thank you, oh I would love to do a mini one too! Then when were older were do a really big one!

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