So who is now thinking their house is too small for them after all the new toys arriving at Christmas!? We certainly are! So it got me thinking about how you can gain space in your home and what options there are out there.

I was contacted by Lidget who sell concrete garages and buildings, who asked me how I would turn my old and boring concrete garage or garden room into an extra living-space. I knew straight away how I would change mine, and how I would improve it!

I would create a space for my son, he is 12 years old, but will be a teenager this year (now I feel old!) and as we live in a 3 bedroom house, with the twins in the 2nd largest room, it means he has the smallest room. I would love to give him more space and converting a garage space or garden room would be perfect for him. So below is my design and what I think most teenage boys would love.

It got the seal of approval from my son when he spotted this mood board, and got excited to think it was for him!

I went for a city, industrial look to stay in keeping of the concrete garage space that I would be converting, with a flash of red and some funky extras to keep it looking cool.

City Wall Mural – This gives the space a wow factor, hides any rough walls and brings the colours together.

Stainless Steel Bluetooth Speaker – You have to give them a way of playing music, my son loves music and you will often find him singing away to his music. So far I like what he listens too, but if you didn’t at least they would be outside away from you, and they can play it as loud as they want!

Tripod White Floor Lamp – Lighting is important too, and I have picked out a couple of funky lighting options. This tripod style floor lamp is cool, but functional.

Letter Light – These type of lights always go down well, available in all the letters, you could either spell our their name or just feature one letter. I have a similar light as a hashtag, and my kids have already tried to sneak it into their rooms!

Vintage Style Metal Desk – My son has a desk in his room, but if he had one outside in his den, then it would free up more space in his bedroom. I love this metal one, with little drawer drawers too.

Locker Room Shelf – A great wire storage shelf for books, DVD’s, games and paper that they always seem to accumulate!

Industrial Metal Storage – A place to hide things away, and try to keep it tidy…..!

Mussel Paint – I picked a light grey paint, so that you could keep it light in the room as well pulling out a lighter colour from the mural.

Haru Sofa Bed – Having a sofa bed in here gives them the option of being able to have sleepovers in there. Give them a heater and I am sure they would be warm enough! I loved the look of this sofa bed, as well as it being a funky seat to sit on whilst reading and playing games.

Piggy Bag Bean Bag – Of course you need to give them a bean bag to chill out on too, all kids love bean bags!

I hope you liked my idea of a boys teenage den, this could be used in any space…I think my son has his eye on this for his bedroom!

*Commissioned post



  1. I couldn’t agree more! My house also looks waaaay too small after Christmas. How did they get so much stuff? I also love those huge bean bags, and if we had more floor space, we would get one.

  2. Looks like a typical teenage boy list there. I like the bean bag. I wanted to get one each for the kids for the play room but decided against it then because of the space.

  3. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about fussy teenagers just yet but I love the style you’ve gone for – not much not to like there x

  4. Teen bedrooms are tricky aren’t they? They usually have their own ideas. A lovely moodboard, perfect for a boy. x

  5. It’s tricky designing for that inbetween age, but I think these lovely pieces will bring some longevity to the room, can’t wait to see it!

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