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How to Visit Disneyland Paris on a Budget

Are you planning a family trip to Disneyland Paris but want to save some cash? While the theme park is packed with fun rides and unforgettable characters, a couple of days there for the whole family soon adds up.

To visit one of the most magical places in Europe without blowing the budget, here are some cost-saving tips that offer all the typical treats without missing out on the fun stuff.

Shop Around for Accommodation

Staying on the site means you can benefit from a few treats, such as complimentary shuttle buses and Magic Time, the hour when Disney hotel residents can use the time to enjoy the parks an hour before the doors open. However, unless you bag a room at one of the budget hotels such as the Hotel Cheyenne, staying at a Disney hotel guest can be expensive.

If your budget can’t stretch to a Disney stay, there are plenty of wallet-friendly hotels in nearby Val d’Europe. Also, the resort is perfectly located just half an hour from the heart of the French capital, so you can always shop around for accommodation in the centre and hop on the train to make savings.

Buy Park Tickets in Advance

Buying tickets on the day can be more expensive than selecting the park tickets you want beforehand. You could find that buying on the gate means you spend well over £150 for the whole family just for a one-day pass.

Shop around for deals and explore what’s on offer from some of the travel operators before you reach the park. Some incorporate offers that include meals and other treats as part of the total cost of the ticket, so you could be making huge savings on things that add up when purchased last-minute.

Pack Some Snacks

The Disney dining experience is fun, especially if your budget stretches to character dining. However, you may find that a lot of your money is taken up with paying for meals and snacks during the day.

The days in the park are long, so it’s worth saving some cash by packing some drinks and snacks, especially if you’re planning on visiting the resort over a few days. You are allowed to bring your own food and drink as long as you’re not packing a picnic. Plus, if you bring a refillable water bottle, you can make the most of the water fountains that are dotted around the parks.

What other cost-saving tips do you have for your Disney experience? Will you be trying any of these on your next family trip to Disneyland Paris?

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