Are you always stuck for ideas on what kids books you could suggest for them to read? Or just looking for new ideas?

If so take a read, as I am putting together a little series on what books my kids are reading, and which books they love. This maybe ones they have picked up in the library, reading from school, ones we already have or gifts. Either way we it will be a great selection.

My kids are aged 8-12 yrs, but I don’t make them read a certain age group of books, I allow and think it is very important that they can pick up any book they want, as long as they are reading and enjoying it. That is all that matters.

I have left the reviews to be written mostly by my kids, they can give you a great idea on the book and they also love the idea that they are contributing to my blog with me too.

Kids Books We Love This Month

The Light Fantastic – Terry Pratchett

TylerThe Light Fantastic is the second installment in Terry Pratchett’s Disk World book series in this book you find out more about are elusive wizard Rincewind and his place in the world, with the luggage and Two flower coming along for the journey too! This book is suitable for anyone older than 12 as it contains one part that I have read with some strong language so don’t take a read if you are not prepared for that!

Overall this is an amazing book I was soaked into it every night I read it I would recommend it to anyone who is prepared for some great adult humour at parts

Mr Pusskins Best In Show – Sam Lloyd

Sofia – This book is about a cat and a girl called Emily and her cat is called Mr Pusskins. Emily was reading the newspaper and she saw a pet show in town. Mr Pusskins and Emily entered the competition. I think that it is a very good book because  I liked the part when the double-crossing poodle tricks  Mr Pusskins to go to the toilet instead of the judging place. I would recommend this book to people that loves or likes tricksters.

Danger Is Really Everywhere – School Of Danger – David O’Doherty 

Lily Danger is really everywhere, is about this man who has to go to school, and the first job is a cook, then a little childrens teacher. Next a headteacher kicks him out of school, but what is the dangerology master going to do that loves cabbage? I loved it because it was funny, and hilarious. I would rate it 10/10 amazing!  

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  1. The London Mum Reply

    AS much as I want to keep my kids nice and little, I also can’t wait to start enjoying these kind of stories with them!

  2. I’ve got to look for Danger is Everywhere next time we go to the library. We are running out of books for my 8yo!

    • We are making much more of an effort to go along now, the kids are really enjoying it

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