With my twins now 9 and the warmer weather coming their wardrobe was looking a bit on the empty side! I haven’t really shopped much at Primark over the years, but I’m now regretting that! I took a trip to the Southampton store a week ago to pick up some summer pieces for the girls. I only went in for some shorts!

So I thought I would put together a little girls summer Primark haul for you to see. I am seriously impressed by what they had on offer and the prices. 

All these pieces are aged 9-10 years but I would say Primark clothes is on the smaller side. My girls have just turned 9 years old but they are not big 9 year olds either. Everything does fit perfectly though and I think it will last them the summer. 


Blue and white playsuit – £5 

This playsuit is very thin and lightweight which is perfect for the warm weather. It has a lovely pattern on and little straps. My daughter loves wearing shorts and usually you find pretty girls dresses but not the playsuit version. I hope they get some more in of these as I think she would live in it! 

Activewear leggings and T-shirt – Leggings £6 / T-Shirt £1.80 

I haven’t had these t-shirts from Primark before, they are so cheap so I thought I would give them a try. So far I am so happy with them. Good quality and if they only last a few months and get grubby I won’t mind! You will see these a few times in this post! 

White jumper £5

Sofia loves a hoodie to throw on to keep warm. This one has a hood and is pretty thick. Wish me luck on the white…..!

Mermazing T-Shirt £1.80  / Denim Shorts £7 

These shorts are so pretty, with embroidered flowers on the leg, frayed edges and adjustable waist. They would go with quite a lot of kids clothing. 

Navy crochet shorts £4.50  /  Navy and white stripe T-Shirt £1.80 

I love dressing my girls in ‘same but different’ sets which sums them up perfectly! So when I saw these shorts that came in a few colours I loved them. Sofia had navy colour and a cheap T-Shirt to match. 


Flower print dress £3.50 

Lily is more girly than Sofia so loves a dress, so when I spotted this cotton dress I knew she would love it. I think I am going to pick up some more as this has been perfect in the warm weather for her. 

Pink Skinny Jeans £7 and T-Shirt £1.80 

You can’t go wrong with a skinny jean! So when I saw these bright pink jeans I knew Lily would love them! I loved that the colours of this T-Shirt matched perfectly too. 

Nope jumper £4

As soon as I spotted this nope jumper I knew Lily would love it too! It is a great price for the quality and thickness 

Denim Shorts  £7 / T-Shirt £1.80 

These are the same shorts as Sofias but matched with a different T-Shirt 

Crochet White Shorts £4.50  / T-Shirt £1.80 

Again the same as the navy shorts these are the white version. They are elasticated waisted and Lily has found them very comfy. 

All of this came to £64.30 which I think was a good price for 2 of them and all these outfits. Do you shop at Primark? 



  1. I love the shorts and the playsuit – I prefer them on girls as my daughter is not lady like at all

  2. These are some great pieces and perfect for summer. They do have a great kids range and I bet your two girls were super happy with what they got
    Laura x

  3. What lovely outfits! And so reasonably priced too. I hadn’t even thought of going to Primark for summer bits. Loving all the girly colours, the collection looks really playful and exactly what mine would go for. X

  4. Primark is great for hauls like this. I’ve being picking out bits for the entire family ready for our holiday. Love that jumpsuit!

  5. I haven’t been to primark in ages! The girls need some new summer bits and I love the playsuit.

  6. You picked out some really nice clothes! I think the floral jumpsuit and the white hoody are my favourite.
    Your daughters are gorgeous! x

  7. Ah my daughter lives in shorts too – it’s only that it’s now getting so much colder she’s looking for pants. I do love the denim shorts with embroidery!

  8. Great haul. My daughter is 10 and constantly asking for clothes now – she’d love that playsuit. We got a very similar (looks identical)white hoodie from another high street shop and it cost 3 times as much so am slightly gutted now! Will definitely be checking Primark out first next time 🙂

  9. Gorgeous girls – I have a Lily too 🙂 I love those white shorts – think I may need to get them to add into Lily’s capsule wardrobe!

    • Beautiful name! The shorts are really pretty and so useful to pair up with so many different tops

  10. I always get to this time of year and suddenly realise the kids have no suitable clothes! I love Primark for stocking up their wardrobes, it’s so satisfying to bring home so many clothes. I love the floral playsuit – you can’t beat a playsuit for summer in my book!

    • I think everyone else was thinking the same thing in Primark and stocking up on summer clothes!!!

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