I have to start off with WOW what a day!

Being Legoland Ambassadors for 2016 has been such good fun, we have had some fantastic days out, but this one tops them all! We were invited along to Legoland to see what all the excitement about Brick or Treat and the Fireworks was about.

  • Brick or Treat starts officially on 17th October and runs till 31st October and 5th November,
  • Legoland Firework nights are on 15th, 22nd, 23rd, 28th and 29th October and 5th November

One of my girls favorite rides at Legoland is The Dragon ride, which is right at the back of the park, so this is where we headed off to first! As it was Brick Or Treat, there was a few changes around the park, so keep your eyes peeled! The kids spotted the water had turned red in the moat………


Right next door to the castle is The Enchanted Forest, hidden away in here is lots of Brick or Treat activities. We joined in with various activities including, helping to build a giant Lego model of a Minifigure Skeleton and building a giant Lego mosaic. Each child was given a square base plate to match up and create a Lego filled square, then took it to the team to add their square to the giant mosaic.

legoland-brick-or-treat-7 legoland-brick-or-treat-8 legoland-brick-or-treat-5

Building your own pumpkin to add to the pumpkin patch, DK reading corner, and colouring in tent. All of this was so well done, decorated and little areas to sit down among the pumpkins.

legoland-brick-or-treat-2 legoland-brick-or-treat-1 legoland-brick-or-treat-4

Keep an eye out in Miniland for the spooky changes too, we spotted a ghost (there are plenty around!) and a pumpkin patch filled with tiny little carved pumpkins



Whilst your looking around Miniland, keep an eye out for the Live shows, character spot with Lord Vampyre and Brick or Treat friends, and if the kids want to dress up there is a costume competition running daily at 1pm to win a goodie bag!


Another of our favorite areas of Legoland is the pirate show, every time we have visited Legoland mine have wanted to watch the pirate show, and every time they love it and still are on the edge of their seat watching them jumping from the tower, riding the jet ski and the funny antics they get up to!

legoland-splash-2 legoland-splash-1 legoland-splash-4 legoland-splash-5

Be aware though, there is a splash zone and you will get wet in it!! Even more if your in the soak zone!!


The kids had even more of a surprise in this show, a huge fire ball going off!!

legoland-splash-6 legoland-splash-7

Obviously you’re free to go on all the rides, and have as much fun as you want to! We were really lucky to be given VIP wristbands which meant we could jump all the queues through the park, this meant we got on lots of rides. You could always pick up the QBots so you too could jump the queues too!

legoland-horse legoland-horse-1 legoland-laser-raiders

We were really lucky with the rain all day….until the rides started closing to get ready for the fireworks!! Then so much rain came down, we were prepared with all our warm clothes, hats, gloves and scarves! Some people were even more organised with their wet weather trousers too, so keep an eye on the weather before and be prepared. There isn’t many places to go inside away from the rain whilst getting ready for the fireworks.

We picked our spot to watch the fireworks, headed to the the Lego driving school, and slightly up the hill you will see a fireworks viewing area. Dotted around the park area sign posted areas to watch the fireworks from. We weren’t sure where they were being set off from, but knew it was near the car park area as the car park is shut from 6:30-7:30, so no getting out in that time. For reference, they are set off from behind the trees, to the right of the hotel area.

Legoland also have given you the chance to purchase some funky glasses (£1.50), they turn all the fireworks into Lego bricks! This was very cool and the kids loved it!


legoland-fireworks-10 legoland-fireworks-8 legoland-fireworks-7

Take a look at my video to see more of the fireworks, but they were amazing! Set to a Nexo Knights battle scene, the kids were mesmerized by them and us adults were very impressed too.

If you want to, after the fireworks you can stay a little longer in the park, we choose too as it was exciting for the kids to be out in Legoland in the dark and going on the rides! Not all the rides were open but quite a lot were. The park has been lit up throughout, we loved the spooky trees.


legoland-fireworks-4 legoland-fireworks-6

This was a good decision to stay longer, as the car park was so much quieter when we got back to it about 8:15pm. Easy enough to get out, and only a small wait to get out onto the main road.


We had an amazing day at Legoland, and Legoland really do know how to put on a display and create a really fun event for all the family.

Please take a look at a video I created of just some of the things we did at Legoland.


*We are Legoland Ambassadors for 2016, in return we had complimentary tickets and VIP wristbands, however all words are honest and of my own.


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  1. Oh wow! It looks like they made a fantastic effort for Halloween! The kids look like they enjoyed themselves and got on a lot of rides, love the idea of queue jumping too, that’s my kind of ticket! The little Lego Pumpkin patch looks brilliant, as do the glasses to turn the fireworks into bricks! Thanks for linking up to #WHatevertheweather 🙂 x

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your time. It’s amazing that the fireworks can change into bricks by wearing glasses. #Whatevertheweather

  3. How fun! Looks like you had a great time. Fab photos! We took our nephew to Legoland ages ago and were pretty impressed by everything there was to do. Loving the fact they’ve got lots of Halloween stuff going on x

  4. Kerry Norris Reply

    I haven’t been to legoland for years. If I get a day off next week we may plan to go. The fireworks looks fab too x

  5. I’m desperate to take my kids to Legoland but it’s just that bit too far from us to do in a day so adding in the cost of a hotel makes it a fairly expensive trip. All the Halloween and bonfire night themed stuff looks fabulous.

    • Do you have any supermarket loyalty points? We have used Tescos clubcard points to buy our Legoland tickets before.

  6. What wonderful photos. We live too far for us to take Bear on a day trip, we only have him while his parents work, but it looks amazing and maybe when he’s a little older we could go.

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