On Fathers Day we decided to do something different together with my parents too, we visited Longstock Water Garden in Stockbridge. Longstock Water Garden isn’t usually open to the public, but to be part of the National Garden Scheme it was open for a couple of extra weekends during June for charity.

Keep an eye out on their website for when they will be opening it up again as they open up on selected Sundays from April to September for their chosen charities 

Longstock Water Garden 

They’re a fantastic seven acres of garden which has been filled over the years with stunning flowers that are perfectly suited to the gardens and has been transformed into the famous water gardens. Quoted, 

‘The finest water garden in the world’

(International Waterlily & Water Gardening society)

Originally created by the Beddington family during the early 1900’s and then the water gardens became part of the Leckford estate in 1942. The water connects the two islands and woodland valleys of Longstock and Leckford together. 

The colours of plants have been well thought out, with brightly coloured flowers sitting on the edge of the lakes.

Flowers that flower all year around so there is always something to be seen throughout the year. 

The children really enjoyed the little bridges that were hidden around each corner, taking them to a different part of the garden.

With over 40 different varieties of Lilys, my Lily was very happy to see them! However the day was a bit dull so the flowers weren’t out for us to see. 

We spent about 1.5 hours walking around here which was enough for us and we didn’t feel like we were rushing that either. However with some little benches dotted around the garden you could take a peaceful 10 minutes and soak up the peace. 

 The car parking was easy, parking in the field opposite. 

There was an entrance fee which is donated to charity. 

Open from 1pm – 4pm / Admission is £6 for adults / £2 for children under 16, children under 3 are free / There are no card paying facilities at the garden / John Lewis Partnership Staff and their guests are admitted on production of their Partner Discount card and may attend on any  charity open day.

You cannot eat in Longstock Water Garden but there is a lovely cafe at the Leckford Estate where the lovely nursery is too. This is usually open on non charity days but we visited on this day and it was very busy. We did wait in the queue for 25 mins to order a coffee and cake! 

It was a lovely afternoon out at Longstock Water Garden and it’s lovely to visit somewhere that isn’t open all the time, and also donate a bit of money to charity too. 

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  1. Oh wow this place looks absolutely stunning! Love your photos and what a fab way to spend father’s day!

    • Yes it was nice to be able to explore something that isn’t usually open to the public, it made it untouched and natural

  2. We would love to visit here. Lucas is really into nature at the moment and he would love to explore all the beautiful plants and flowers you have wonderfully captured

  3. Beautiful gardens and the flowers were so pretty, we love Sunday strolls around various gardens, it’s great for the kids and usually very cheap to do 🙂

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