Do you love Pinterest, but want it to work better for your blog? If your answer to this is ‘yes’ then you need to carry on reading.

I love Pinterest, I have over 3000 pins on my profile, and that is nothing compared to many others. I have filled it up with ideas of things to do with the kids, crafts, recipes, home designs, and colour choices for my rooms. However I have just pinned what I wanted, when I wanted and anything I liked the look of.

But things are changing! I met a lovely home and interiors blogger, who blogs at Love Chic Living, but along with blogging she also runs Pinterest Workshops and coaching. She has built up her Pinterest profile and worked so hard to achieve over 1 million hits to her blog, from Pinterest!

I have recently signed up to her new course, PINSIGHT and it has changed the way I look at my Pinterest profile now.


PINSIGHT is split into 5 modules, which go through a step by step guide on how to improve your Pinterest profile. This is really important if you are looking at using your Pinterest profile to generate blog hits and an income from Pinterest.

Each module includes a video recorded by Jen, and each one is approximately 30 mins long. I find this really easy to listen to, as she goes through everything in ‘simple’ terms! I can press pause, rewind and have my note pad ready to write down things I need to do, and bullet points for me to look at after. It doesn’t matter how long this course takes me as well, as you have open access to it, to complete at your own pace.

The modules included are

Module 1: Profile Preening

• Understanding the SMART Feed

• Setting up your profile

• Mastering Rich Pins

• The best username vs profile name

Module 2: Boards and Branding

• Build boards to showcase your brand

• Optimise boards for better search results

• Benefits and pitfalls of Group Boards

Module 3: Powerful Pins 

• How to make a great pin

• Apps for making pinnable images

• Pin descriptions and SEO

• Where and how often to pin

Module 4: Perfect Pinning 

• Building an on-brand pinning strategy

• Using Schedulers to minimise time

• Promoted Pins and Pinterest features

Module 5: Tailwind

 How to get set up with Tailwind

• How to create a schedule and get pinning fast

• How to create board lists

Each one I have gone through has given me the boost to get on and make changes, I have tidied up my boards, they look nicer, and got rid of my boards that weren’t great for my profile. All of this before seemed like a huge task to take on, but with the boost that I got from Jen and things explained well, I was able to get it done and felt really motivated to complete more tasks.

I noticed at big jump in my pins, impressions and click throughs once I started implementing Jens tips. So far I am really impressed and I can see positive changes already.

Once you are on board the PINSIGHT course, you also have access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask Jen extra questions and pick up tips from her. So your not just left alone to get on with it, Jen is there when you need her, and no answer is silly!

Cost of course

This course is set at such a affordable price as well, £97 AND you also get some bonus offers,

  • A FREE 30 day trial to Tailwind Plus for everyone who enrols (Tailwind is the big game changer here, I LOVE it!)
  • Entry into the PINSIGHT Facebook community group with me in there live helping and supporting you every step of the way
  • FREE Cheatsheet – 10 Copyright Free Image Site for Pinterest (Limited time only midnight 16th November)

Buy Now!

If you want to ask any questions on what I think about the PINSIGHT course, then just ask. I think if your looking at creating a great Pinterest profile, start montising from it and want to start gaining lots more clicks to your blog or shop, then this is a great course to join.

*Affiliate link included, but I wouldn’t recommend this course if I didn’t think it was great!




  1. Pinterest is the social media platform I seem to do the worst on, even though I love it! I just don’t give it the time it needs to grow. I use it more on a personal basis. Sounds like I need this course!!x

  2. I’m rubbish on Pinterest and this sounds like the place to start for anyone like me. Very affordable, too!

  3. Me and pinterest have a love hate relationship.
    I am not too sure if it works for me as I am mostly using Facebook and Twitter.

  4. Kerry Norris Reply

    It sounds great. I could do with doing the course. I love Pinterest but I’m defo not optimising it for my blog, more for personal use at the mo x

  5. This sounds great! I heard Jen talk at the next blogger event a few years ago and I found her so knowledgeable. This is such a great investment.

  6. Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I spend a lot of time on pinterest on a personal level, but when it comes to putting my blog out there on pinterest I’m useless. Will definitely keep this course in mind for when I have some Money after Christmas!

  7. Everything Mummy Reply

    Does sound like a bit of a god send cracking pinterest is on my to do list I need this corse!

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