There are few rooms in the house that people are more attached to than their bedroom. After all, it’s the room in your house that you spend the most time in, even if a lot of that time is spent sleeping. However, there are few things more frustrating than a bedroom that doesn’t feel right for its intended purpose. If your bedroom doesn’t feel cosy and comfortable, then you’re likely to end up suffering from a bad night’s sleep which can end up causing problems for your life a whole. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to make your bedroom feel a little bit cosier.

Change your curtains

Curtains are things that people tend not to pay that much attention to. Sure, you’d notice if they weren’t there but otherwise the just tend to blend into the background. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have an impact on a room. If you’ve got blinds in your bedroom, then it could give the whole room a rather cold and sterile feeling. With warm, luxurious curtains your whole bedroom can end up feeling a whole lot more comfortable. If you buy made to measure curtains online today, then you’ll almost certainly be able to feel the difference right away. Not only can they make the room more comfortable but they give you a chance to add to the decor in a unique and interesting way.

Think about colour

Far too often, people leave their walls a boring, plain white or magnolia rather than experimenting with some slightly more interesting colours. Sure, you’re not going to want something overly bright in your bedroom, but soft, pastel colours can give the whole thing a wonderfully relaxing feel that can make it much easier to both relax in your bedroom and get off to sleep much more quickly.

Get personal

If you want to start feeling totally comfortable in your bedroom, one of the best ways to do that is to make it totally personal and unique to you. Things like art and pictures of your friends and family on the wall are fantastic ways to make things feel just that little bit more personal. This is a particularly great way to take that strange feeling out of a new home.

There’s no such thing as too many pillows

There are some people who might say that a few pillows on your bed are enough. These people are fools! You can never have enough pillows! If you want your bedroom to feel comfortable, cover every inch of your bed in pillows! You should feel like you’re melting into a giant pile of marshmallows every time you get into bed. If you think you’ve got enough pillows, think again! And then go out and get some more!

Don’t assume that just because you spend most of your time in it sleeping that your bedroom isn’t an important room in your house. It deserves just as much care and attention as anything else, if not more!

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  1. We have redecorated our bedroom one year ago and I still feel that we are missing a few cosy things. I could definitely use your tips for our beddings (more cushion, I hear you!)

  2. These are some great interior tips for a calmer bedroom – I agree about there never being too many pillows

    Laura x

  3. I love cushions but it really annoys me that I have to put them on the floor when I get in bed lol. Some great tips though xx

  4. These are some great tips that I would have otherwise not thought about! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Ooo I can only dream of having curtains made & I love the extra pillows , just wish my hubby would believe me he he .

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