Welcome to Me and Mine April. We’ve had a busy April together, filled with lots of lovely days out and family time. 

April started with a holiday to The Cotswolds with our friends, we visited some lovely places and even with 5 kids between us it was very relaxing. 

As it was the Easter holidays we had Kev off for one of the weeks. I love having him around when the kids are off, of course it’s so nice to have an extra pair of hands! But it means we can spend some lovely family time together. We had a great day trip to The Isle Of Wight where I managed to get a few Me and Mine’s whilst we were there! 

I really wanted to take one in front of these beach huts, and even took my tripod with me. However when we got there the position on them meant I couldn’t stand the tripod anywhere as there was a big drop in front of them that was too low. So I only managed this one which was not a good angle from the floor!!!!

We were so luck with the weather this day, it was like a summer’s day. I could have easily stayed on this beach! However we were on an adventure to explore some new places. Bembridge Windmill was the next Me and Mine! 

After fish and chips in the beach restaurant, we had ice cream on the beach. Another perfect Me and Mine place!  

Later on in April we visited Arundel Castle, celebrating its event of 60,000 tulips planted around the grounds. Tyler loves History so loved exploring the castle and I could have sat in the gardens all day! 

I love being able to play around with the positions and places of our Me and Mine’s, be so nice for the kids to have these in years to come and see the places we explored together. Who else gets comments from the general public though when your taking them!? I have a gorilla pod tripod so often found propping it up or wrapping it around a post or tree to get the photo!! The castle shot was sat in a bush!!! 

So May brings the girls 9th Birthday, so lets see what adventures we go on in May! 

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I am taking part in the Me and Mine photo project with Dear Beautiful for my 4th year. This project is all about capturing your family each month, and not just getting pictures a couple of times a year at photo shoots or at special occasions.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Sounds like you had a great month and managed to capture some lovely shots. I actually really like the beach hut one, even if it wasn’t what you intended 🙂 Lovely to meet you at The Retreat BTW #MeAndMine

    • Thank you very much, quite a few people have liked that one the best! It’s funny how you are so hard on yourself! Lovely to meet you too, it’s nice to put names and blogs to real life people!!

    • Thank you, I am so grateful for capturing these photos each month. Be lovely to look back at them

  2. I love the photos of the 5 of you in front of the beach huts, and the one of your backs to camera. Sooooo precious! I’ve always wanted to go to the Cotswolds – my friends always mention that area (not even too sure where it is) and everyone always seems to have a great time when they go there. Sounds like a pocket of happiness 🙂 xxx

    • It’s beautiful there, it’s before Wales but not as far down as Somerset. Thank you, it’s lovely to get some family photos

  3. Happy May! These are some adventurous activities. I too enjoyed April to its fullest. I hope this new month will bring a lot of fun like the previous month.

  4. You got some brilliant family shots during April. I’m going to have to start bringing a gorillapod with me on says out to start capturing some family photos!

  5. I would love to see the Tulips at Arundel Castle, it looks like a stunning event. Good luck with the birthday preparations

  6. Lovely monthly round up! I love all of your pictures with all the family – it seems like you had a nice time over the school holidays. Look forward to reading mays post!

  7. gorgeous photos! Especially the one in front of the beach huts. I am so glad you had an amazing time! I really want to visit the Isle of Wight. Can’t wait to read about yourMay 🙂

  8. I love all your different style photos. What an amazing idea to try and set up the shots like that and get them in different places. You’re going to have so many gorgeous memories to look back on. I need to remember to take more photos of my family.x

    • I love them, they are pretty special to me and being on my 4th year of taking then we have quite a collection now!

  9. These photos are amazing, especially the ones of the castle. Looks like you all had a great time!

    • Thank you very much, beautiful place to photograph though wasn’t it! It was lovely to meet you, never enough time to chat to everyone properly though is it!

  10. You have made some beautiful memories this month, and those beach huts look so gorgeous in their colours. Lovely photographs of you all xx

  11. Oh I actually love the photo in front of the beach huts! I know what it’s like to go somewhere with a photo in mind and then find there’s not quite the room to take the perfect shot, it’s so irritating! But yours turned out lovely!

  12. Ahhh love that shot of you and yours outside the seaside huts how sweet is that! Looks like you had a lovely month and looking forward to following your adventures in May x

  13. This is such a lovely series, Love all the pictures you guys too even the one with the floor level view it came out great I think

  14. These are so fun and so adventurous. I love them. Sounds like you have been busy. Happy May ahead.

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