This year I am taking party in the Me and Mine photo project with Dear Beautiful

This project is all about capturing your family each month, not just getting pictures a couple of times a year at photo shoots or at special occasions.

April has been full of sunshine, out with friends and school holidays, it has been great fun getting out and about. We had our first picnic of the year, Rusty came to visit us and we have had a couple of Easter egg hunts to join in with.

For this months picture I wanted to try something different, I set my camera to timer and sat on its little tripod. I wanted to capture us jumping………yes I was mad to try to get 5 people and possibly the dog jumping off the floor on a timer!

This is easy to do if someone is taking the photo on continuous mode but not on a 10 second timer, so the pictures are not great quality, however this was the result.


This one would have been good if T hadn’t put his arm in front of S, even Berkley jumped off the floor!


This is such a fun task to do, the kids love running back to see how the picture came out.

dear beautiful


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  3. Alex Gladwin Reply

    Oh my I love these photos! So fun and look at your little doggy joining in :’)! xxx

    • I was pleased when I saw him join in too! He wasn’t that helpful and walked in front of the camera just at the right (wrong!) time!!

  4. Oh that is seriously impressive – I can’t even get five people to look at the camera (but then one of them is very small!). They are both brilliant photos, I hope you’ve got plans to put one on the wall!

  5. I love these! Such a great idea for a family photo – especially when you managed to get your dog in too! xx

  6. Oh I love how fun these are. The jumping photos are always the best ones. This is brilliant. Glad you are joining in the Me & Mine project it’s always so lovely to see what other families are getting up to. Love the kids getting so into it. Wish mine would. Hoping that comes with age. Lovely #meandmine

    • The enjoyed this set of photos, it was good fun! As they are older they do enjoy seeing what our photos come out like, even the boring ones.

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