This year I am taking part in the Me and Mine photo project with Dear Beautiful

This project is all about capturing your family each month, not just getting pictures a couple of times a year at photo shoots or at special occasions.

This month has been the school holidays and we have had so much fun! I wanted to have a school holidays to remember and we did.

Tyler is starting secondary school in a couple of days so I think this will be the last school holidays that we got together properly, next year he will be independent enough to go off with his friends and not hang around with his Mum and little sisters.

So right at the start of the month we did Camp Bestival day visit which was sooooo much fun!

We have had lots of days out places together, met up with friends and just spent a lovely time together.

I started vlogging our week in our lives throughout the school holidays, which I find so rewarding when I produce the final video. It also has been lovely for hubby to see what we’ve been up to as well.

Then we went to Center Parcs, we have never been before and we haven’t done a holiday like that with the children before. It was super fun and I would love to go back! I vlogged our week there so I will be creating a video for that. It’s a big one though so it is taking some time.

Hubby has had another week off work, we needed another week to recover from Center Parcs! Him and Tyler did GoApe which they really enjoyed.

Our photos this month are from Center Parcs, I love that you can take the GoPro in the swimming pool, so got some fun underwater shots!




Me and Mine – January

Me and Mine – February

Me and Mine – March

Me and Mine – April

Me and Mine – May

Me and Mine – June

Me and Mine – July

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  1. Ah the underwater family photo has to be the best one I have ever seen. Well done. #meandmine

    • Ah thank you! I got some great shots of the kids as well, wish I could use it more often at local pools but they don’t allow it. It is such good fun!

  2. Wow, I love that underwater shot! Looks like you had so much fun and sounds like you’ve managed to fit lots into your summer holidays. We’ve just started vlogging too and I’m already loving it x

  3. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Ah I think these are my favourite Me and Mine’s so far this month, I love the underwater photos. Such a cool memory to capture. x

    • Ah thank you! I love these shots and knew that I wanted to capture our Me and Mine photo like this!

  4. What an amazing underwater photo, I love it, I bet it was an interesting picture to take! I struggle to get a nice one on dry land! Your pool picture looks brilliant too, its making me want to go swimming. We have been tempted to go to Centre Parcs, it does look like it makes an amazing family holiday xx

    • It was good fun to try and capture! Kids enjoyed it, much better than posing isn’t it!

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