It is December! How did that happen!? I am sure there is going to be so many of us saying this in our posts, but wow this year has gone so quickly. We have had so much fun, made some lovely memories and captured some good photos.

So onto Decembers Me and Mine picture, this was taken on Christmas Day by my Mother in Law. We usually have them taken outside the house, but I wanted one in front of the Christmas tree, to make it all festive!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and had lots of fun together. We had such a busy month, but such a fun filled month. We had 3 Santa visits in December, a steam train ride, Legoland and Longleat! It meant the kids were bursting for Christmas by the time it arrived. I think this year they were the most excited, and had some very excitable out bursts! However I think this is the best part of being a Mum, watching the excitement and happiness on their faces.

I feel very lucky to be able to give them these opportunities, and also being able to capture those moments too. The kids love looking back at the videos I have created of our days out, and I know they will love it even more in years to come.

So here are all my pictures together for 2016, I know that without this project I wouldn’t have these photos. I have now completed 2 years worth of photos, but I know I will be carrying on for my 3rd year in 2017.

I cannot believe that this was my first Me and Mine photo that I took, nearly 2 years ago when we visited Rusty the Hearing Dog Puppy.

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2016 Me and Mine Photos

Me and Mine – January

Me and Mine – February

Me and Mine – March

Me and Mine – April

Me and Mine – May

Me and Mine – June

Me and Mine – July

Me and Mine – August

Me and Mine – September

Me and Mine – October

Me and Mine November

I am taking part in the Me and Mine photo project with Dear Beautiful for my 2nd year. This project is all about capturing your family each month, and not just getting pictures a couple of times a year at photo shoots or at special occasions.


The Me and Mine Project







  1. Kerry Norris Reply

    Gorgeous pics. I think the pumpkin one and beach ones are my fave of you all x

  2. Wow what a year to look back on. So many gorgeous family captures with your beautiful family too. That’s why I love this project so much. Never gets tiring seeing everyone’s family year after year join in and grow and change together. Beautiful. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject

  3. I’m so impressed at how many photos you managed to get of you all together! Not always easy to find someone to take the photo. Looks like you had a lovely December/Christmas. Hope 2017 is filled with lots of lovely adventures too x

    • Most of the time we had the camera set on a tripod and a timer set, setting it for 10 shots and keeping our fingers crossed we get one that comes out ok!

  4. happy new year! Great round up from the year in your pictures – fun seeing the seasons running through the post. must join in with this linky this year!

  5. Yes! It has gone so fast. Aw what lovely me and mine pictures from throughout the year! Wishing you an amazingly happy and fun filled year. Xx

  6. I love this photo challenge idea! You have a beautiful family, so much to be thankful for. Happy New Year and happy 2017!

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