This year I am taking part in the Me and Mine photo project with Dear Beautiful

This project is all about capturing your family each month, not just getting pictures a couple of times a year at photo shoots or at special occasions.

So onto the last month, December! The month when we have lots of special times together and lots of fun. We have done some lovely things this month, visiting Santa, going to the panto, visiting family, school plays and Christmas markets.

This photo was taken on Christmas eve, the kids were so excited and I don’t quite know how we managed to get a photo of them!

Next Christmas I want to learn how to take photos of Christmas trees that are blurred out and not shining brightly in the photos!


This photo was the best of a bad bunch of photos on Christmas day, Nana took the photo which I always find hard to pass the photography skills onto someone else, some had our heads cut off!!


Well that is it! I made it to the end of the year! I have captured a picture of my family for every month this year and I LOVE it!

I love looking back over the pictures, I also have been taking part in the Project 365 which involved me taking a photo every day thoughout the year. I completed that too! So I am going to create a photo book which has all our photos of the year in and my Me and Mine photos put in for each month. This idea is what has kept me going throughout the year and I am so pleased with myself that I have completed it!

I’ll be back next year!

Me and Mine – January

Me and Mine – February


Me and Mine – March

Me and Mine – April

ย  mar-april-2015

Me and Mine – May

Me and Mine – June


Me and Mine – July

Me and Mine – August


Me and Mine – September

Me and Mine – October


Me and Mine – November

Me and Mine – December



dear beautiful


  1. I really like your Christmas tree photo with the lights in the background! Well done on capturing a full year of me & mine photos, its amazing to look back on isnt it? I love Julys picture with the painted faces. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh I love your years photos they are amazing. I too am so glad I kept up with Me and Mine I am thrilled to have my photos to look back on. And you are so right about getting someone else to take your photos for you. I got a tripod for Christmas so cant wait to take it out with us and get some fab shots hopefully, rather than balancing my camera on walls or taking selfies xx

  3. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    I actually think the Christmas tree looks lovely brightly shining in the background. These are lovely photos and I am glad that you all had a lovely Christmas together! Happy New Year and I hope 2016 brings you lots of happiness. xx

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