Goodbye July, Hello August!! 

We have been looking forward to this month, a month where we get to go away together, visit my friend and have some lovely family time together. We are off on holiday! Taking a visit to see my friend and her family, who moved out there last September. She said she would love it if we could pop over and see them, and the beautiful place they now live. Take her look at Instagram if you want to follow her fun! 

After we have stayed there for a few days, we are heading back to Copenhagen (where we are flying to and from) for a few days. We have book at stunning AirBnB, and planned some amazing days out together. We are going to be so tired when we get back home, but will be full of some fantastic memories. 

So July has been full of school projects, activities, and winding down for the year. The school year goes by so quickly, and it wasn’t long ago my little girls went off to junior school, and my son started secondary. 

We managed a trip to a beautiful lavender field, if you follow my blog you would have spotted my pictures. If not go and check out them! I am really proud of them, and so glad we captured them this year. I held back my family photo, so that I could feature it in my Me and Mine. 

Lordington Lavender Fields in West Sussex. Great for stunning photos, and a photographers dream! Perfect for family photos, and stunning lavender fields for a great back drop to photos

Also this month Tyler turned THIRTEEN!! How did that happen?! I am a Mum to a teenager, and I cannot believe it. To all those people who think time doesn’t go by quickly once you have kids, it really really does and I wish I could pause time. He is going to change so much over the next couple of years, and even though I am excited to find out what he is going to become, and grow into, you can’t get those childhood days back. 

So I will be back at the end of August with some holiday snaps! 

I have also been keeping up with my weekend in pictures, I have enjoyed this so much. Weekends are when we get to spend time together, and go out exploring, so I love being able to keep a little diary of our time. I hope you are enjoying them too, gives a little look into our lives too.

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I am taking part in the Me and Mine photo project with Dear Beautiful for my 3rd year. This project is all about capturing your family each month, and not just getting pictures a couple of times a year at photo shoots or at special occasions.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Oh these are lovely lavender snaps. I wish we lived near to these fields they are truly stunning. Seem to be a theme this month on Me and Mine too. Love it. Happy birthday too! Summer full of celebrations. #meandmineprojec

  2. The lavender fields are gorgeous. Have a fab holiday when it comes, can’t wait to see those photos!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! We went to the lavender fields too to get our family photo taken 😀 I’ve been seeing a lot of purple on blogs now, it is so beautiful this year 🙂 Congrats to Tyler! #meandmine

    • I love seeing the wave of Purple on everyones blogs, and Instagram! Such a pretty colour

  4. Sounds like you’ve have lots of great stuff planned just like we do. We are off on our first trip of the summer holidays one Saturday and the girls are so excited.

  5. Such beautiful photos – can’t wait to see your holiday snaps when you’re back have a fab holiday! x

  6. What a beautiful family photo for July! Happy late birthday to Tyler – a big milestone turning a teenager 🙂

    • Thank you very much! It’s a massive milestone and one I’m not ready for!!!

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