We’re going on a fun adventure this month and we need to keep warm! So I made the most of the Mountain Warehouse 50% off Black Friday deals and picked up some good items. So I thought I would share with you what we purchased as we’ve been very happy with our items. 

Mountain Warehouse Haul

Each year we have gone through the same thing, wellies make our feet too cold, walking boots don’t keep our feet dry. I thought why don’t I combine the wellies and walking boots into one and found that snow boots were the answer.  Mountain Warehouse had a great selection to choose from and with such a fab offer on, the prices were really good too. 

Mountain Warehouse Girls Snow Boots 

I picked up the Ohio Youth Snow Boot, these came in two different colours which is very handy when you have twins with the same size feet! 



They love them! They’re snowproof, highly water resistant and a waterproof membrane and with a 200gsm Isotherm Insulated Lining it keeps their feet snuggly and warm. 

We also love the no shoelace tieing either! With a small pull in toggle to tighten them makes it so much easier for children. 

They put them to the test at the weekend and the survived! Splashing, mud and has a deep tread for grip and stability. Perfect for climbing! 

I was concerned they might be a little bulky for when they’re out walking and climbing, but not at all. They tick every box we were looking for and I know what footwear they will be wearing each winter now!

I did go for a size up as they usually wear thicker socks during the winter and I think you can get away with a size up in these types of boots. 

RRP £59.99 with 50% off £29.99 

Mountain Warehouse Mens Snow Boots 

For Tyler I purchased the Plough Mens Snow Boots, they start at a size 7 and with thick socks these fitted Tyler well. He does have very small legs and ankles, so the boots needed to be pulled in a lot, but with normal laces this is easily done. 

Tyler hates cold feet, so he was super happy to have a pair of snow boots! With Sherpa fleece lining they’re lovely and snuggly. Being highly water resistant his feet are also going to stay dry. 

He also loved the reinforced toe to the boots as it was perfect for kicking the dog’s tennis ball!!! 

RRP £49.99 50% off £24.99

Girls Waterproof Coats 

I find this a really hard purchase each year! I’m looking for coats that are waterproof (not water resistant) for the girls. We walk to school each day whatever the weather, and go out on our dog walks in the rain. So the coat needs to keep them dry and not soaking through after a while. 

However I also need it to keep them warm, and this is where I struggle! 

On Mountain Warehouse I looked around for ages in the kid’s coats section, disregarding lots of coats as they looked warm, however, they weren’t waterproof. Until I came across the Bracken Extreme 3 in 1 jacket. 

The outer layer is fully waterproof and tested to withstand 2,000mm of rain in a 24 hour period, with waterproof tape seems in all the stitched areas. No rain seeping through the seams! 

Then for the warmth, there is an inner jacket that is worn with the outer jacket. This is zipped into the outer jacket with it’s own zipped area. 

I do find these types of jackets difficult for younger children. They get confused by what zips to use, and also the inner jacket is popped into the arms and hood area. 

When removing the jacket they don’t know what bits are meant to stay popped! But mine are older now and with a little guidance they’ve figured it out! 

The inner jacket is going to be good when we moved back into the spring on a dry day, given them warmth but not needing the extra waterproof layer. 

The sleeves have a velcro section to pull the sleeves in tight. This is really needed for us as I decided to go up to a much larger size! So the sleeves are much longer than they should be really.

I do find that these jackets do need to be purchased on a size up, and reading the reviews it wasn’t just me that finds that too. With thick jumpers underneath you need the space within the coat, but it does mean that those sleeves are very long! 

Does mean you have space to carry your baby unicorn around inside though!! 

Also going a size up means that the hood is bigger. I have purchased jackets before that are fitting fine on the body but the hood doesn’t even cover their heads properly, useless when raining!

We’re very happy with this jacket and look forward to putting it to the test this winter!  This colour is purple but it is also available in black too. 

RRP £79.99 50% off £39.99 

I ordered everything online for collection in store, Mountain Warehouse does offer free delivery over £50, and free next day delivery over £150. 

*I purchased everything myself but just wanted to share with you some great products. 




  1. Those boots look fab! I love a par of good quality snow boots to keep my feet warm and dry during the winter. Ww always go to Mountain Warehouse for outdoorsy type things. I have an mazing coat from there that is like wearing a quilt – it never lets me get cold! x

  2. I’ve never heard of Mountain Warehouse. Love the boots, they’re so cure with the grey and discreet pop of colour with the laces! I’d go with the blue laces for my 4 🙂

  3. I love Mountain Warehouse, we have raincoats from them and they have been brilliant. We have also used them for lots of our camping equipment. Love your photos. I could do with some boots like that!

  4. Those boots look great, perfect for winter walks in the woods. I love the purple jacket too, I must check out Mountain Warehouse.

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