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Must have interiors for your home this summer

The days are getting longer, the nights are getting lighter, and it’s starting to feel more like summer. There is so much colour, pattern and texture to be explored throughout your home interiors this summer. Soft pastel shades, rich gold, dusky pinks and vibrant pops of colour, these are all summer trends that are guaranteed to transform your home’s design into the best it has ever been.

Ice Cream Colours

It’s time to say goodbye to rich, deep tones that populated your home during the winter months. Think of Neapolitan ice cream where the loud pinks are contrasted with the soft neutral tones of creams and browns, as these colours work perfectly in your home too. This is going to be a huge trend this summer and is guaranteed to get people talking.

Start investing in key pieces now. You could even purchase some summery furniture in the winter sales to grab yourself a good deal. Consult Instagram and Pinterest if you need a little inspiration to find that perfect palette for your home.

Introduce this selection of colours on to a single wall or make a bold statement by injecting pastel hues in your home furnishings like, scatter cushions, dining chairs and curtains.

Geometric Prints

Geometric prints on cushion, rugs and bedding is a thing of the past, and the trend has moved forward this season. This summer is all about geometric tiles, wallpaper and artwork as they create a striking home through the bold, innovative designs. Most people assume that geometric prints are outdated and retro, but these have slowly crept back into the modern day home. If used correctly they bring your home right up to date by introducing a contemporary pattern that creates a visual focal point in any room.

Indoor Plants

The biggest must have this summer is bringing the outside indoors. Indoor plants add a softness to your home as well as making an eye-catching statement, especially when paired against neutral tones. Not only is a physical plant a welcomed addition to your home this summer, but playful, exotic, leafy prints on furnishings and wallpapers are also creating a huge impact.


There is no escaping crushed velvet, it is all around in everything we see, but this summer’s trend of velvet is of a different sort. From the catwalk to home furnishings, velvet is the material of the moment and definitely the ‘it’ fabric that everyone is talking about. Velvet is sumptuous, cosy, and creates a warm homely feeling. With so many colours and styles available, this inviting textile is enough to complement any existing interior.


One of the latest interior trends that are entering people’s homes this summer is nude everything. Nude is a fresh, bright colour that has the potential to make a space feel brighter and larger. Warm, earthy neutrals have overtaken grey and are proving that nude hues are back, and they are anything but basic and boring. Of course, grey is still a gorgeous colour, but as the year is getting hotter, shades like oatmeal and stonewashed linen look more effective in a home, as well as creating a blank canvas to be more adventurous with home furnishings. RW Invest property investment specialist ensure their developments have soft, neutral shades. As well as making a space feel brighter and more spacious, this creates a blank space that a new tenant can put their stamp on.

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  1. I’m all for ice-cream colours, plants & geometric patterns – my fave. Good to know that I’m still ‘on trend’ lol! The good thing about using nudes is that you can build up on a look and change it quickly without spending a fortune. Great tips!

    • I think I am going to have to bring some ice cream colours into the new house extension!

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