Isn’t it fun now and again to have a little dream? Do you ever have those conversations that start with?

What would you do if you won the Lottery?! 

I think it’s fun to think about what you would do if you had an endless pot of money. So I was challenged to write about my fantasy home! It wasn’t too hard for me as I check Rightmove pretty much everyday, so I have seen so many houses! 


Of course this is the first big spend out! What with the weather how hot it is at the moment it’s going to be the first thing I think about! Being able to jump in the pool and stay cool sounds like complete bliss to me! 

Kitchen Island 

Having a small kitchen currently I am bound to dream of a large open kitchen with a huge big kitchen island. Being able to fill the island with all the different ingredients for dinner and not squeezing it onto a small worktop is such a simple dream but a great one!  

A Cinema Room 

This one is for the kids mostly! Look at this amazing sofa that could be filled with us all. Popcorn, snacks and the latest film on for some proper family time. Surely it would save us money by not visiting the cinema right?! 

Utility Room 

This is such a simple little dream and one a lot of people do have, but I don’t! Being able to have my laundry in a separate room. The dog can be washed off after his muddy walks and then being able to dry here would save me so much cleaning! 

Bath With A View 

Being able to soak in the bath with a view. With warm water, book and a drink in my hand sounds like bliss. 

Wood Burner 

Cosy nights snuggled up on the sofa with my family and a wood burner. Nothing beats the crackling of wood burning and the fire shining. I do love the Summer but cosy Winter nights are pretty nice too. 

So what one thing would be in your fantasy home? 

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Image Credit Waters Baths]Go Modern]Fritz Fryer]Seriously Sofas]Baked Tiles]Waters Baths]Ludlow Stoves ]

We can all dream about our dream home can't we. Here is my fantasy dream home ideas. This kitchen with it's brick slips and dark units. With a white kitchen island is a perfect kitchen



  1. I’m pretty sure this shows my fantast home too! Love the big kitchen table, pool and cinema room – oh we can dream!

  2. Oh wow ! That looks stunning . Wouldn’t it be amazing to win enough to do this in real life ?! I’d adapt my home for my son and ensure he could get around the place without issue x

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